Abdul Raziq Ali a.k.a Raattey’s New TikTok Clips Became a Hit

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The former singer of Maldives, Abdul Raziq Ali is also known as Raattey became recently a sensational figure in Tiktok. He has been receiving positive comments for his unbeatable voice all over the Maldives. 

This former singer has been posting short video clips to his official TikTok account and has gained over 6,000 followers within a short period of time. Each of his live video clips delivers a meaningful message to the audience.

The former singer also has tweeted a tweet regarding his new Nasheed which will be released soon. He has received the award of the best singer in the year of 2012 and 2014 form the Boduberu challenge show organized by TVM. Besides, achieved the voice of MNDF title in the year of 2017.

To know more about him, follow his social media accounts:

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