A young digital entrepreneur is helping businesses and peoples grow exponentially & win digitally through his innovative funnel marketing strategies.

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Dilip Dhanraj
Dilip Dhanraj

Dilip Dhanraj is well known for his highly innovative digital marketing strategies and online brand domination methods. He is an expert in social media marketing, paid ads, sales funnel, and brand promotion. He has a deep understanding of the market, behavior, psychology, and customer avatar. He also observed deeply the social media channel’s algorithms and leveraged them properly, making him an innovative marketer.

The competition for Instagram and Facebook promotion is fierce nowadays. Dilip Dhanraj, an Indian digital entrepreneur, understands how to manage his clients’ online visibility. He is well-known for his work in data-based digital marketing and is referred to as an expert in modern advertising.

Dilip says that digital marketing is a blessing for any business, brand, and people. if one wants to grow in this digital era, authentic and proper marketing is essential. He helped several businesses to boost their revenue and brand presence by dominating the online space through his unique funnel marketing strategies. That makes competition irrelevant.

Dilip had dropped out his college to pursue his passion in the digital marketing field. During his college time, he also started two startups, a vegetable delivery startup, and elderly care services. Sadly both failed miserably. He told that maybe it was too early for him to start a startup at that time because he doesn’t know anything properly about running a startup or business. But he learned from his mistakes and observed many things, that are why most businesses fail in starting period.

He has always been fascinated by technology and business, and at the age of 19, he began his marketing, coding, and management career. He began studying new skills and upskilling himself in digital marketing using the internet, as well as exploring other realities. Took various courses, mentorship, and consulting from various marketing gurus and coaches. He started working as a marketing freelancer at very minimal fees. He started helping businesses to grow digitally.

He also helped several local businesses in his hometown and his friends’ family businesses to thrive & rise digitally during covid 19 pandemic. Now he has a good no of client bases from the USA, UK, Canada, and India. He has to face several challenges and obstacles during his initial days. But he never stopped. He still pushing his limit and learning new things every day.

Connect on Instagram: @digital.dilip


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