A truly multitalented enigma- Edward Cerda

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To create out of one’s own capabilities is not a path many choose, and those who do, still find themselves caught in challenges that threaten their relevance in the minds of others. In such a competitive age, Edward Cerda, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, is a person who seems to be managing quite well.

It is not easy to put someone as multi-talented and creative as Edward Cerda into a simple box. While mostly known as a musician Edward Cerda is also quite a professional in the fields of social media marketing and branding. Although the saying goes as a jack of all trades master of none Edward Cerda has proven to be an exception to this norm and shown his proficiency in all aspects of his professional life. In particular, due to several sound investments and success stories in the marketing industry Edward Cerda has been able to provide funding for his other passions and give Wings to his musical career. “The social media accounts I have handled and dealt with range from anywhere between $500 to well over $10000. The niche and brand potentials are amazing”, Edward Cerda adds. Apart from simply having money in his pocket his hustle as a branding expert and experience growing successful social media accounts has also given him the insight into expanding his own audience base and marketing his musical nature to an international platform. He has even gone into releasing his musical creations on Apple Music, which is a certified platform for all music enthusiasts.

With so many years spent struggling in two extremely different yet similarly demanding and competitive Industries, Edward Cerda has definitely picked up some tips and tricks to survive. The first point that he would like to mention is to maintain authenticity and self-belief. Together they have the ability to make you outshine everyone else and give you a natural platform to perform. Secondly, Edward Cerda believes in always giving any task his best. Irrespective of the area of work everyone must be the best version of who you are. This will automatically translate into making you one of the best.

It seems that Edward Cerda is one to practice what you preach and his advice has encouraged him to pay greater focus on his music while it is just the beginning of a seemingly fruitful career. There is a lot more to be known about Edward Cerda, make sure to get in touch by following him on social media profiles linked below:



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