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By virtue of birth, most Bengalis are considered connoisseurs of food, however, only some, take it to the next level. For almost 6 years now, Rajdeep Bhattacharjee has made quite a name for himself as a person who knows ‘food’. Although he prefers the moniker ‘food devotee’ to aptly describe himself, Rajdeep is a person enamoured with good food entwined with travel. 

In between his day job as a senior Government employee, this food devotee often takes off with his backpack and takes delight in experimenting with all varieties of food, geographically widely spread. Even his travels are planned with exotic or out of the way food stops that bring a delight to those who follow his inimitable writings and videos on food.

He is the founder of quite a handful of food, drinks and travel websites, namely, Gourmets Travel Guide, Botol Puran, Panch Phoron India and Panch Phoron Kolkata. The websites offer varied information on different places, events, festivals and happenings, always entwined with food and travel. They also highlight different food festivals taking place in the “city of joy.” And needless to say, the food reviews with life like photographs and videos are a treat for all those taking a peak in the world of food. Rajdeep has been amply certified in food and wine tasting and has been awarded ISO:15700 by Bureau of Indian Standards.

Rajdeep takes writing about food to a different level, his personal touch and love for food is self-evident from these. From his Sushi and Sashimi to Hungarian Goulash, regional Bengali delicacies to forgotten gems from the by lanes of Indian suburbs, five star full course meals to cutting chai at a roadside dhaba, the man surely knows what he is writing about the moment it comes to food. He is known across media houses and more often than not, his content is picked up by them. His writings of food are so vivid and delightful that it is difficult for the readers not to imagine the taste and smell while reading through the lines. He gets into the science behind perfection in cooking, is really up to date when it comes to food presentation, needless to say his food reviews are impeccable.

Many of his travelogues have been published in “Hangla Hneshel” which is a well-known Bengali magazine devoted to food and travel.  He has also been published in the leading Indian dailies like Times of India, The Telegraph etc. Rajdeep has also been ranked among one of the top food connoisseurs in Kolkata by Zomato.

Rajdeep counts as his forte the wonderful rapport he shares with different media houses. Thus his writings have already been picked up by top food journals and news dailies. As a logical next step, he also undertakes reputation management for selected clients, be it on the virtual platform or in print. He is happy to engage, endorse and promote brands that he himself has personally tried, tasted and loved.

When he is not writing on food and travel or working as a Government employee, you can most certainly catch him with a camera slung around his neck and travel gear all ready to satisfy his inner wanderlust.

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