A Passionate Young Ethical Hacker, Ayush Patel Took the Market by Storm Through His Impeccable Skills and Dedicated Endeavor

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As quoted by The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), the Covid-19 pandemic is more than just a global health crisis. Besides adversely affecting medical conditions around the world, the pandemic has deteriorated the economical and social scenario too. In such challenging times, to be creative and attain consistent self growth is no less than a superpower. The world witnessed many dynamic personalities with such superpowers amidst the pandemic. Resilient Entrepreneur Ayush Patel is one such name in the list.

The cybersecurity world got hold of Ayush at a very early phase of his life. Since childhood he has been implementing out of box ideas for the betterment of society. He has inculcated a sense of responsibility, accountability and leadership since the tender age of 16. Initially when he entered the digital ecosystem, he took it as a challenge and kept learning until he mastered it. Today, he is considered one of the most astute digital entrepreneurs in the country. After contributing his expertise in various fields like events, social media, cybersecurity consultancy, management as well as creative services, Ayush headed towards investing his efforts into upliftment of Ayush Security Solutions (ASS).

Ayush proactively and covertly contributed his skills for betterment of Ayush Security Solutions IT Company. He started off by reaching out to lesser known talented artists in Uttar Pradesh and hustled hard to provide them well deserved recognition. Gradually, he noticed that there is innumerable talent in the State of UP that demands to be acknowledged nationwide. This is when he decided to create a whole platform that can serve his purpose to elevate the national perspective towards Ayush Security. After a dedicated website and impressively managed social media handles, Ayush is now taking a leap towards formulating an app that shall bring a wave of hope and optimism to numerous rising artists.

When asked about his contribution and planning dedicated to Ayush Security Solutions, Ayush says ASS is a less explored cave of diamonds.

“ASS has the potential to become much more than what it is today. I am not referring to the talent here, we have impeccable talent in abundance, I am talking about the recognition. I get deeply affected seeing how often super talented artists of the state remain unnoticed. I am contributing my bit to lift up the well deserving artists that hail from Uttar Pradesh and who are doing incredibly well in their fields. We, as an audience, need to stop taking our artists for granted and cherish the talents our state is blessed with. I as an entrepreneur shall now take up the charge to provide as much of my expertise as I can to improve the overall scenario of Ayush Security Solutions”


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