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“I Dropped out of school at 14” – Mindset Coach Keith Howell

At the young age of 14 Keith Howell dropped out of school with little or no education.  With the responsibility hanging over his shoulders Keith would be forced to find work and begin working with a local butcher.  This, Keith says, “ was the beginning of me realizing I am good with my hands”

Keith understood how to value money from a very young age as he was expected to hand money to his mother on a weekly basis to begin showing him the lesson of paying your way in life.  As Keith’s realization of knowing he was great with his hands evolved, so did his interest in carpentry.    Keiths father worked as a carpenter and he loved what his father did,  but the problem was he couldn’t get a job at this at such a young age.

At the age of 19 this all changed.  Keith moved forward to begin working as an apprentice carpenter and by the time he became 25 he was specializing in flooring.

“Spirituality changed my life” –  Mindset Coach Keith Howell

During Keith Howells’ younger years of financial gains came the introduction of drugs into his life.  This abuse lasted for a long period of time and some wondered, including Keith if it would ever stop.  However, several years ago it all did when Keith found spirituality leading to him connecting with his higher self.  It is through this that his focus and determination took a huge upward spiral and so did his financial life too.  “ I was lost for years thinking the whole world was against me.  If you have a Lamborghini with no engine,  it can’t move ! If you have an old scrap car with an engine it can”.  This quote from Keith Howell is a clear insight into his midnet and tells us that it is all about working on our internal self.  The outside does not matter,  if the inside is broken.

“Family inspired my mindset” – Mindset Coach Keith Howell

With early financial gains in Keiths life came the early problems. When Keith began making a lot of money in his carpentry trade, he began to lose control of his actions.  That once value he had for money,  became distant in the mist.  The respect for money and people was collapsing and as Keith said in an interview recently “I was focussing on the wrong people in life, I was focussing on the wrong things in life”.  Keith is 24 years married to his wife who has stuck by him through thick and thin. It was her and their 2 beautiful daughters that made Keith realize there was a dramatic change needed as his focus shifted to being able to give them anything they wanted. 

Keith Howell is now a 7 figure business entrepreneur and global mindset coach for other like-minded entrepreneurs worldwide looking to grow within themselves and their business.


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