Emergency Services at Risk: Massive Nationwide Cellphone Blackout Sparks Panic in US

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A significant cellphone outage swept across the United States early Thursday morning, disrupting communication networks and even impeding some police departments’ ability to receive 911 calls.

AT&T appeared to bear the brunt of the outage, with nearly 32,000 reports of issues around 4:30 a.m., as per data from DownDetector, a platform tracking outages by compiling status reports, including user-submitted errors.

While over 800 service outages were also reported on T-Mobile and Verizon, a Verizon spokesperson attributed this to users reporting difficulties connecting with individuals using other services.

Reports of problems also emerged from smaller carriers such as Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular, and Straight Talk Wireless. The outage’s reach spanned from East Coast cities like New York, Boston, and Atlanta to major hubs like Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco, and extended even to Montreal, Canada.

Numerous police stations issued warnings about potential difficulties in reaching emergency services. Many AT&T users found themselves in “SOS Mode,” limiting them to contacting emergency services only.

An AT&T spokeswoman acknowledged the issue, stating that the company is working urgently to restore service and advised users to utilize Wi-Fi calling in the interim.

Both Verizon and T-Mobile claimed that their networks were operating normally. However, they noted that problems arose when customers attempted to call or text AT&T users.

Online, frustration mounted among customers over the prolonged outages. One AT&T customer expressed exasperation, stating, “Y’all got one hour to wrap this s–t up! Fix it and fix it now.”

Another individual described the situation as “crazy,” highlighting the severity of the outage and its impact on communication across the country.

Speculation regarding a potential cyberattack surfaced among some, with concerns about the widespread nature of the outages. However, the exact cause remains unclear.

As of now, AT&T and T-Mobile have yet to provide further comments on the situation.

The outage underscores the critical reliance on cellphone networks for communication and the need for robust infrastructure to prevent such widespread disruptions in the future.

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