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Who Is R&B Singer Leysha? Take A Closer Look At Brooklyn, New York’s Upcoming Star [MUST READ]

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Leysha is a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. She makes music as a path to healing and empowerment. Every song tells a story and there are emotions and experiences her listeners can relate to. Connecting to her supporters is important to her. She released her first single in five years on February 22, 2022, “Over You”. This is a healing song she hopes listeners can relate to as well. Everyone has been through situations they need to get go of because they weren’t doing them any good in life. This is song about that process. Her next single, “Kiss It” released on March 18, 2022, and her next single will release on May 20, 2022, title “So Naughty”. It’s about female empowerment and looking and feeling good. She wants an upbeat, relatable, empowering song that women will love and connect with. She has been performing since she was a child, starting lessons at 15 years old, and before that, singing in her local church. Her mother has been her biggest influence. Originally from Bluefields, Nicaragua, she came to New York with her own mother. Leysha looks up to her mom as one of the most hard-working women she knows and she credits her own hustle and drive to her mother, along with being raised in NYC. Raised to work hard, be independent, and never give up on the things she wants, Leysha attributes much of her success to her mother’s influence. Graduating from the University of the Arts in 2019 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she is now working on releasing an EP in the fall of 2022. Beyond that, she has future plans to tour the world and perform for her loving supporters. She also wants to advocate for mental health in children and young adults, furthering the narrative on this important topic, especially to those in the arts industry. She hopes to remind performers that they are still human, have good and bad days, and deserve the same love and care as anyone. Some days will be difficult, trying to heal from past traumas, overcome personal struggles, and make it in a world that isn’t always open and supportive. Coming from a family of immigrants, she understands how hard it is to work for a living when you come from nothing. She wants to spread love and support to first-generation children to help them know it’s all possible when you keep your faith in God and follow your dreams. She’s also interested in entrepreneurship, including work in the fashion and makeup industry. Leysha is grateful for her amazing team and her Producer Skyler Lexx who produced So Naughty”, “Kiss It” and an unreleased song called Perfect out in june. You can connect with Leysha on Instagram, and listen to her music on Spotify. Leysha instagram @leyshaperez

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