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Top 10 books to read in July 2021

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Words Unsaid – Heartfelt Poetry and verse collection with beautiful illustrations by Shivi Goyal

Written by award-winning author and a Guinness book of the world record holder. Shivi is a maverick soul and is a curious human being. Her book questions certain realities in our society about women (majorly). This Book also questions:
Is it a crime to be a woman?
Have you revealed, your unsaid yet?
Have you ever felt helpless or understated?
Do you feel to shout out loud about your genuine emotions?
Read this book as it will give you a mark of a shift in your minds for the words and things which we always want to express in our surroundings and are not able to. We hold back ourselves for not saying what we want to. Words Unsaid… is a testimony of all those expressions and words that remain hidden and we are always on a quest to release them to this universe, which eventually, leads us to the contentment of freedom.
It has flavors of life and expressions that are usually not shared

Exhaling lightens the inner sole by Riya Rashmi Dash

Exhaling lightens the inner sole. The human body waits for exhaling its emotions. Waiting to exhale is a book that is beautifully crafted focusing on man’s flaws, overthinking, love, loneliness. This book is a collection of 40 poems that will surely take you to the land of dreams. A land where the soul craves for exhaling. It has gathered and packed all the feelings together which the soul craves to be expressed. With its every swirl and every flip of the page, you can feel the essence through words.

My Way to the Moon by Rubal Choudhary

The Award-Winning and Record Holding Artist, Rubal Choudhary is now an author of the book, “My Way to the Moon”, an unusual poetry book set on the theme Moon.
It is a collection of prose swirling between the chants of the moon symbolizing Eternity and Immortality. One could easily relate to the quotes and poetries she has carved on the topic “MOON”. The book is all about Moon and for the ones who love Moon i. e. Selenophiles. It holds both a Bad and a Good side of a human, symbolizing Love and Unity.
Recognized by Bravo International Book of Records, it is all ready to hit the market and is available on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Sea of Sentiments by Saloni Shah

“Sea of Sentiments” is a debut poetry book by Saloni Shah. It deals with emotions, feelings, sentiments, experiences, and everything happening in the world around us. Every action and reaction follows up with feelings, just as happiness held is a seed; happiness shared is a flower. We are in a sea of feelings, floating in the emotions and feelings just as flowers don’t feel they show. Each poem can be related to anyone who has ever been through it.
This book will be out on Amazon and Notion Press by the 20th of July.
“I hope my poetry book will be loved by all the reader,” says Saloni.

Susobhit Bharat by Author Meetu Chopra

Susobhit Bharat is a Collection of festivals which is written by Author Meetu Chopra in Poetry format.
Meetu Chopra who hails from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh has portrayed all the important festivals which beautifully describe the history and beauty of that festival.
This is a book where you will get many festivals including national and local. Author Meetu Chopra says, “this is not only a book but it’s a creativity of mine. If you are a poetry lover and wish to write poetry like us then please refer to this book once. I hope it’s according to your wish and helps you to fulfills all your dreams in the literary field. You can also say it’s a perfect mixture of creativity +Talent.”
“In this book, I have tried to mix the significant history and philosophy of a specific theme. I wish to write many as possible,” says Meetu.

Eternal Trudges by Sailee Tiwari

The book holds different forms of poetry – Acrostic, couplets, quatrains, and free verses. They are written with utmost sentiments. While some are heartfelt and vestiges of my memories, others are a quest seeking reality and raising questions in life. It is available on Amazon, Notion Press in Kindle, and Paperback edition.
One such poem is about a woman and her dreams titled ‘She is Splendid.’

“She was running mightily,
Hovering on the ground,
Etched in happiness.
Immensely exhilarated as she was,
Such was the need, the determination.
Soon she saw the meadows,
Profound emotions surged,
Love was calling for her,
Eternity was waiting by,
Nurture of the pious nature,
Dived in the sounds calling her name,
Impromptu, she got up alarmed,
Delved and held his framed photograph.”

Rhime of Time by Padmaja Bharti

The book “Rhime of Time” is a compilation of poems written by Padmaja Bharti. In this book, she has written a few poems, where she has described herself in some complex and in simple words. Most of the poems are about her black and white memories and few are on generic topics. In this book, the reader will see her describing a relationship between mother nature and human nature in a poetic way.

Hack the hackers before they hack you by Arya Tyagi

This book is a comprehensive guide to Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. By reading this book you get knowledge and concept clearing regarding Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security.This Book will assist all the social media users/Internet users to understand all the grey areas regarding the social media attacks and how to prevent with them. Arya Tyagi wrote this book with empathy for your excursion as an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant and Cyber Security Researcher.

Importance of Physics in Bodybuilding by Ubbay Francis

This is an amazing book full of facts and technical aspects regarding bodybuilding and the things that go on in the background for each bodybuilder. Ubbay Francis recently emerged as the most multi-talented person from Mumbai. He is a client and celebrity management specialist and a former bodybuilding coach. He is into digital marketing these days and loves cricket and volleyball. He is also a former casting director and model.

Whispers of Nyctophile by Pragya Gogoi

Pragya Gogoi, a 20-year-old writer from Assam, India who holds the record of being the youngest Indian author to write a best-selling debut book in 3 days. A passionate writer since childhood, she has taken the literary world by storm, winning one award after the other, ever since the release of her book “Whispers of a Nyctophile”. An Amazon best-seller in multiple categories within just a month of publishing, “Whispers of a Nyctophile” is a staggering collection of poetry exhibiting a plethora of emotions of love, heartbreak, strength, nostalgia, childhood, harsh realities plaguing the world and beauty of nature- all under one roof. Comprising of wonderfully penned long and short poems, woven with strong vocabulary, wordplay and varied concepts, Pragya’s debut book contains poetry that people can relate to, poetry that speak of emotions people can reflect upon and poetry for those voices that go unheard.


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