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Tina Turner’s little cousin Amaka, finds her own way

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Singer, philanthropist, model and founder of real estate empire Gratitude Real Estate, Amaka is an Igbo Princess turned mogul. She’s the rising star to watch with talent, charm, beauty, and a royal ambition the world should look out for.

Blessed with the same bloodline as legend Tina Turner, Amaka sings and dances with passion and skill leaving the audience starstruck. Her voice is unique and her dance moves are hypnotic.

A generation Z polyglot, Amaka speaks close to 12 different languages. Chinese, Spanish, Swahili, German, and of course Igbo to name a few. Born in St. Louis, Missouri to multi-ethnic parents, Amaka always had a thing for entrepreneurship and entertainment. Singing runs in the family as her sister and close family also sing.

In the 60’s Amaka’s family moved from Tennessee to St. Louis. There her big cousin Tina Turner began her career. Generations later, Amaka is born with the same talent and a deep rooted gift for performing. Vibrant music, stunning looks and an upbeat personality are definite qualities that make the Igbo Princess a success, but does she have what it takes to be legendary like her famous relative?

Amaka responded by saying “I am in a league of my own. I set the bar for myself. Competitions and comparing myself to others isn’t the healthiest thing to do. I am the operant power and creator of my reality. I compare myself to myself. I set goals for myself and I reach them, period. But to more directly answer your question, I am already legendary.”

Amaka takes pride in her Igbo heritage and often incorporates the language and culture into her music and style.

New singles for her music just dropped earlier this year. The reviews are amazing. The sound is what she calls “Afro Trap” and creating a lot of buzz in the industry as a new genre of music. With songs like “Love U” and “One Time” the world says Amaka Got Next!

Add acting to the resume as Amaka landed a major role in an upcoming Amazon Prime film. Looks like this princess has it all.

Amaka can be found on Instagram at brown_sugar_high and frequently interacts with fans directly. Check her out and let’s watch her continue to rise.

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