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The Lucky ALiEN Club is taking over the NFT Space!

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The crypto and NFT space has taken over lots of peoples lives in the past year. Most Celebrities such as rappers, athletes, and social media influencers have played their part in the NFT space. A few big NFT projects that got everyone’s attention were; CryptoPunks, BoredApes, Doodles and lots more. These projects generated millions of dollars and created a community and gave back thousands of dollars to their supporters. We have some EXCITING news, we want to tell you about the next upcoming NFT project that we predict is going to explode! We introduce to you The Lucky ALiEN Club. @LuckyALiENClub on Twitter + Instagram.

The Lucky ALiEN Club consist of 10,000 unique ALiENs. The Founder/Creator of this Project is Jaxon Knight, his Instagram is @Jaxon3Knight, his Twitter is @JaxonKnight10. Their roadmap consist of giving back to their community and supporters. They plan to give 15% of earnings back by putting the funds into a ALiENs treasury for their holders to claim. This is very exciting because most projects make you play a game to earn money, The Lucky ALiEN Club is giving money back for being active and supporting their community. This is one of the first projects I’ve seen with this Utility!

This is one of those projects you get excited about and stay tuned engaged and focused! After the mint, the creators of the Lucky ALiEN Club also plan to get their ALiENs into the MetaVerse. Some of the Co-Founders of The Lucky ALiEN Club are Caden & Hannon. You can Find more about these guys on the LAC Social Medias (@LuckyALiENClub on Instagram + Twitter) & Discord Servers.

We talked to a couple of Huge Celebrities and NFT Investors and show them The Lucky ALiEN Club, here were some of their responses. “This project has loads of potential and I love the art” “We already got a look at this project and plan on minting a couple ALiENS” “I predict this is the next big project”. This project looks promising and look forward to seeing it play out! Go give them a look on Twitter @LuckyALiENClub, Instagram @LuckyALiENClub, Discord link in social media bios. ALiENs To The MOON!


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