SomniLife sheds light on the future of Web3 and the metaverse 

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Web3 and metaverse – these buzzwords are more than just hype. While web3 is the future of a decentralized internet, the metaverse is the immersive virtual world where your digital self can interact with others like never before. According to experts at SomniLife, “the future of Web3 and the metaverse is undeniably optimistic. The world is being reimagined in the metaverse as users interact with each other in real-time donning their virtual avatars.” 

A developer at SomniLife shares, “the metaverse has evolved from its role-playing games (RPG) phase to something much larger. Today, whether it’s about going to a concert, buying parcels of land, or hanging out with folks, metaverse empowers users to do anything, anytime.” 


On the other hand, Web3 is strengthening the digital economy. “While cryptocurrencies and tokens become mainstream, the world stands to benefit from Web3 in many more ways,” believes an expert at SomniLife. “Web3 brings the power back to the user. It is unlike Web2 that monetized user data and favored tech giants,” he adds. 

Lauded as the metaverse of the metaverse, SomniLife is a platform that strives to unlock the true potential of blockchain, digital self, and social networking on Web3. Speaking at NFTNYC, one of the founding members of SomniLife shared that the future of Web3 and the metaverse depends on communities working towards adding value to its users.  


Experts at SomniLife also opine that the pixelated metaverse will soon be replaced by its hyper-realistic version. One that brands will leverage in their marketing strategy to connect better with consumers. Similarly, Web3 will give rise to new marketplaces, search engines, and social networks sans the control of big corporations. 


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