Revolutionary Ambala Productions now stepping into the Spiritual Venture with new channel Ambala Productions Bhakti

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imagine you are a working professional tired of your job or a student who is crushed between lectures, for some mental peace you search for some good quality of spiritual music to relax your mind. To your surprise, you found not a single good track. Wait, what? In 2022, we don’t have a good quality of spiritual music.

We once faced the same problem. India, which is the land of spirituality is losing its essence in this online world. To preserve its culture and to bring the most authentic spiritual and devotional music, Ambala Productions Bhakti is the new venture of Ambala Productions, which is known for its previous revolutions in the music industry.

Since the turn of the 21st century, people are more inclined towards rock and bass-heavy music, which we love as well, no doubt about that. But, it is a proven fact that listening to rocking music, which most of us listen to at high volume can damage your ears and also make you more aggressive. 

It is always a personal choice of what one has to listen to, but catering to just one audience and completely ignoring other is not the way Ambala Productions work. We have everything for everyone. If you want bass-heavy music, follow Ambala Productions. If you want calming and spiritual music, follow Ambala Productions Bhakti.

India is the land of spirituality. God gave us this power to produce the best spiritual music in the world. Our ancestors created this superset for us a long time ago. But in this modern world, we lose the authenticity of this power. Fusion and rock music upsets the balance of spiritual music.

Like our previous venture, we have always thrived to support, encourage and help artists grow by providing platforms and revenue. Ambala Productions Bhakti is no different. Here, we will bring the most talented and authentic music artists hence providing never heard before music. This will preserve our culture and this ever gifted loads of talent. 

Indian youth trapped in the clutter of social media and unnecessary shorthand content need to be brought back to their cultural roots. When they are reconnected to their old content with a taste of new and authentic music, they are sure to be less stressed and more focused on their goals.

We understand India’s cultural and religious diversity. It is this diversity that makes us the best country in the world. We have always lived together as one community celebrating every festival. So, every week there is a festival, we have music for you. You can enjoy a wide variety of tracks on our channel. Miss your favourite platform. Don’t worry, we are available everywhere. Even if we are not, just message us on any of our social media handles and we will fulfil your wish at the earliest.

With spirituality, one of the most important aspects is the calming and relaxation of our body. Thanks to our ancestors, we already have this boon of meditation in the form of yoga, which is one of the most loved forms of meditation in the world. To make this more enjoyable, we are also planning to bring this on our platform in future. So stay tuned as we going to announce this in the coming months. 

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