Prevail Clothing Takes the Athleisure Market by Storm

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Athleisure is one of the fastest-growing clothing segments in the world. Several fascinating trends have been shaping the looks and style of athleisure for the past few years. The clothing is becoming increasingly popular among the young generation because of its multipurpose utility and comfort. Athleisure is perhaps the only clothing segment that has wonderfully blended fashion with comfort. “Prevail” is an emerging brand of fitness clothing that is revolutionizing athleisure with unique styles and designs. The brand has its headquarters in California. 

Prevail” was founded in 2020 by Anthony Hodges, a native of California. Since last year, the whole world has been facing many challenges and this was his prime motivation behind starting “Prevail”. Being a man with a positive outlook, he realized that perseverance, confidence, and endurance were the positive forces that people can hold on to for their survival. The name “Prevail” was an inspiration from these forces. “Prevail” is about believing in yourself and overcoming whatever it is that opposes you. 

This active lifestyle clothing brand is quite different in its approach from any other brand that offers athleisure. From start to finish, all the products at “Prevail” are designed to keep the comfort and preferences of the customers in mind. The brand doesn’t manufacture products in bulk quantities. Instead, Prevail creates unique and durable clothing that perfectly blends style with comfort. The goal of “Prevail” is to deliver quality that the customer can happily be proud to wear. As the company produces small batches, they easily avoid mass production eliminating waste that saves the environment. 

Prevail” designs each product with utmost care. They pay a lot of attention to procuring the best raw material for their products. This has made “Prevail” athleisure soft, breathable, and stylish pieces. The brand aims to provide functional clothing to the customers in minimalistic and contemporary designs. This is why people wearing “Prevail” can easily transform their look from training sessions at the gym to perfect to hang out with friends. “Prevail” athleisure is made to suit all seasons and perfectly fits any body type irrespective of age and gender. 

Athleisure at “Prevail” is designed to cater to the fast-track life of the young generation that loves fitness activities and fun. This unique design allows them to transform their look without having to spend much time changing their clothes. The range of athleisure for women includes shorts, cropped hoodies, barbie sets, pullover hoodies, sweat-shirts, free-flow tank, etc. and for men, the range comprises workout tee, hoodie, crew-neck tee, pullover, etc. The brand offers free shipping across the United States. 

“Prevail” was founded with the sole intention to motivate the people who wear the items. The items have been designed to instill a positive approach for the wearer to overcome any obstacle that may come his/ her way. This thought behind the brand has even encouraged its founder, Anthony Hodges, to take “Prevail” to new heights even after facing several challenges in the initial days of the company. He was more focused on making the brand unique in terms of fitness and fashion. 

“Prevail” is a body-positive brand that has garnered a lot of positive attention from the customers and the list is growing with every passing day. With its unique approach to make athleisure more personalized for the wearer, the brand is on its way to reaching a new level in the very near future.


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