NottyBoy – A D2C sexual wellness brand on addressing continuous growth since 2018

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As per the research goes, the global sexual wellness Industry that includes condoms, lubricants have advanced an annual compound growth rate and is expected to rise even more by 2025.  Sexual wellness company Oddway Icare Private Limited and its brand Nottyboy has bootstrapped since the inception of the brand in May 2018 and readied its brand to skyrocket its sales with 300% growth. Founded by Sharad Jindal, NottyBoy has also spiked 50% International sales with the availability of its products in Australia, the UK, and Canada. The discreet shipping all across the globe sets them apart. They send out their order in plain packaging to preserve the privacy of the customers.

Needless to mention, the attitude to sex has changed and become more progressive and the sexual wellness brand Nottyboy has undergone huge growth – there are a wide variety of sex-positive and inclusive products of NottyBoy that includes 10 variety of male condoms including flavoured condoms, textured condoms, delay condoms, Super slim condoms, Super dotted condoms, Extra lubricated condoms, multi-Textured condoms together with NottyBoy Long Last Delay Spray for men. The products of NottyBoy focuses on sex and pleasure in relation to sexual health, wellbeing, and self-care rather than the traditional adult angle associated with porn.

Without a doubt, condoms are the only method to help prevent STIs, and NottyBoy was created with the goal of protecting sexual health and caring for people in order to help people avoid unwanted pregnancy. NottyBoy condoms are simple to obtain and use, making sex more enjoyable. Its small, discreet, and portable size provides significant protection against pregnancy and STDs. NottyBoy ensures that there is no need to wear more than one condom at a time; one will suffice. NottyBoy’s condoms have no side effects in terms of allergies or sensitivities, and the lubes are comfortable and do not irritate the skin.

As the brand’s saying goes “More than just feeling good Sex is about choice and we produce such products for those who can be open about their demand without being afraid not just in the bedroom but in life as well”. NottyBoy stands apart from the noise due to the uniqueness of the products. It liberates pleasure and helps people get playful in the bedroom so that people get maximum pleasure with ribs and dots, skin on skin thin, made to make it last, and more shapes, sizes, and sensations people love. The latex condoms are super safe and electronically tested for holes, comfort and they perform better than standard in global quality tests.

NottyBoy is progressing despite the censorship and advertising obstacles as there are various restrictions on promoting on social media with regards to Adult Products Industry. Besides, there has been huge competition in the market being a new brand due to which for the first 2 years Nottyboy had struggled hard to make its mark in Brick-and-Mortar Pharmacy and retail chains. Currently, the NottyBoy products are also available on the world’s biggest marketplaces like 1mg, amazon, shop clues, Paytm, and Flipkart where you don’t need any prescription or ID to buy them and they come at a reasonable cost range.

NottyBoy strives to understand the pleasure of women and overcome issues such as anxiety and pain during sex and establish a more confident and positive relationship to sex. With a mission to make sexual pleasure more inclusive and less judgemental, the products of NottyBoy together with branding and packaging have been designed in a way to make people feel comfortable even after sex with good health and relationships.

It goes without saying, Sexual health is a big part of life that can further affect and is affected by other aspects of health that includes physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Being in good sexual health means you are well informed, careful, and respectful to yourself and others too so that you enjoy yourself sexually in a way you are comfortable with. Protection is important but so is a pleasure and luckily NottyBoys’ condoms offer both.

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