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Meet Neeta Manohar – The Girl on the Rise!

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Life is meant to be lived by purpose and not by happenstance.

Neeta has many feathers to her hat. From being a national tennis player, to one of the youngest published authors, a keynote speaker, a script writer, director and growing in the field of learning and leadership.  

She hails from India but has been constantly making her mark around the world from a very young age. Having Indian roots, Neeta proudly wears her culture with a global mindset.

We’ve asked Neeta a few questions that will inspire young girls and women to create their own authentic path.

How did you journey to doing so much, so fast?

Well, I don’t think I have done “so much” yet. I been blessed and highly favored to have opportunities to try my potential to its fullest and if there weren’t opportunities, I created it for myself. I never planned to do all that I did. But I was driven by my purpose to do even the smallest of tasks really well. And the small just kept adding up. In retrospect, it feels humbling but there’s still a long way ahead of me.

While wearing so many hats, were you ever afraid of losing yourself or felt pressured to live up to the expectations of others?

Wow. That a great question. Honestly, I felt quite the opposite.
I always tried to bring who I am to the table rather than the other way around. There are many in the world today who can do what I did. But, what makes it meaningful to me is, I am a part of that narrative and its not just about what I did, but how was I able to do it in spite of fears and hurdles. I adapted to the qualities that built me up to be a better person. I was consciously aware of not losing myself but looking for ways to find pieces of me that can be part of my story. And with pressure, there’s always that! Haha. But, I guess tennis taught me well how to still keep my calm during pressure. We can’t always meet everyone’s expectations, and I was never driven by that thought. Every experience was like a match to me, I do my best, give it my all and win that match-point!

Your sister was an international tennis player and you a national, did you not want to be the Indian ‘William Sisters’?

Oh, believe me! I did want that! But as I grew into my own skin, I realized, my path was different. I love tennis. There’s no other sport I would love more. But a lot of choices led me to where I am now. And its so much better and gratifying than being the next ‘william sisters’. Cause I worked very hard to define this journey of mine, and met some lovely people along the way. Which may be wouldn’t have been possible if I played tennis professionally!

What do you think stops people from achieving their goals?

Drawing from my own experience, I had a lot of factors always made me ‘NOT’ want to go for it. My first book was published worldwide at the age of 19, and I was told, I would never have a book published. That was pretty harsh to hear at that age. But If I allowed myself to believe what others think I can or cannot do, then I am not living my life, I am living their version of my life and I could not live with that thought.
I personally feel, the biggest roadblock is you and your mind. When I went out of my comfort zone to do something I’ve never done before, I would always say to myself – ‘What’s the worse that could happen’ and ask myself, would I regret not trying. More often than not, I have the answers to both, and I equip myself to take on that task.
I plan out the steps between me and my ‘Big’ goal and I break down those steps to small achievable goals. It gives me the confidence I need, and it motivates me to keep going and not stop.

Finally, what is next on your journey?

You and I both need an answer to that! (just joking)
I am consistently on this path of learning. And I see that shape up in to something much bigger than I. I feel, I am steering my oars to creating an impact through learning and being a life-long learner myself.

Speaking to this young learner, Neeta has courageously taken on the road less taken led by her desire to make her journey a meaningful one.
She is kind, compassionate and gives back to her community. Neeta is clearly the ‘Girl on the Rise’ and is taking the world one day at a time spreading her love and joy through her purpose.

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