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Words like StartUp, Entrepreneurship and Seeding have been prominent topics of debate among youngsters & all around in recent years. In many regions of the world, startups have gotten a lot of attention in recent years. The number of startups in India is rapidly increasing, and more support is now available in all areas. To scale from a certain level to another, every startup needs support in the form of mentorship, guidance, and investment.

A strong pitch deck and financial model can increase the likelihood of a successful investment round by 70%. Based on their experience working at a London-based investment banking firm, founders of Pitch Our Way, Simran Paul Singh & Vanshika Mnagla, saw that the entrepreneurs were having problems expressing their ideas in the Pitch Deck. They were overvaluing their investments, which harmed their fundraising. They began because they noticed a need for entrepreneurs to be prepared for investment. Ezyschooling, eduTinker, Reevoy, Klassroom, JJ Tax, and Green Rhino are just a few of the companies Vanshika has helped with their fundraising rounds. Pitch our Way’s expert crew has successfully incubated countless other startups in a range of IIMs and other incubators using growth techniques. Anything is possible, as these success stories indicate.

Several intriguing undertakings were undertaken by the organisation. Pitch decks have become a crucial component of many entrepreneurs’ startup success. A pitch deck is a presentation that provides an outline of your firm to possible investors. A product demonstration, a discussion of your company model, a discussion of your additional income strategy, and an introduction to your team are all included. Pitch decks are watched for an average of 3 minutes and 44 seconds by investors. According to their analysis of 200 pitch decks, investors spend the most time looking at the financials, team, and competitors’ slides. In the Pitch Deck, it’s critical to emphasise your uniqueness. With the support of a professional team & advisors, you can improve the quality of your deck and justify your valuation.

Startup India has been instrumental in this positive trend. This historic project has helped young people to foster their creativity and realise their ambitions of starting a business. In an ageing world, India’s population is among the youngest. The working-age population of India has surpassed the non-working-age population. This working-age population is made up of highly motivated young people with a wide range of goals. With the different goals of a significant segment of the youth population, it is necessary to provide them with high-quality mentorship and prepare them for future changes.

Your pitch deck should speak for you before you talk with investors. Finally, the more impressive your pitch is, the more probable it is that investors will take you seriously. It’s not a bad idea to enlist the advice of someone with high-level experience to improve your pitch deck and determine your valuation. Graphics, posture, and well-chosen wording can create a multi-million dollar difference and offer you greater negotiation power. This shows that India’s startup ecosystem has a bright future ahead of it. Indian entrepreneurs raised $42 billion in 2021, up from $11.5 billion the previous year, according to an Orios Venture Partners research.


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