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Launching Innovative Dancing In Making A Breakthrough Out Of The Senseless Colossal Confused World

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A Guinness World Record liquor bottle finally got traded

Who was the nominee for this title last year because of its gigantic size? Yes, guys, it’s easy to guess this idea of making an undesirable height bottle exploded during corona confinement. We understand that this was when all the weird ideas of people appeared. The inventor finally had a peaceful rest after getting rid of it. Devising it, he was doubtful whether it was a wise decision as, if not sold was thinking of donating to a Rehab for the patient’s motivation to quit.

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The United States

Elon Musk & Donald Trump never seem to disappear from the News

Hooked on the limelight, Elon Musk throws a spin in his tweets to appear as an insect sting in your eyes. We all know the drama of Twitter where beforehand, he began to tweet about it the full Monty style. Later, he went sued by the shareholders for creating a mental disability for them. This time he tweeted, threatening his employees to set about reporting to the office immediately, or they get fired. Elon Musk is a loner; he loves that people are physically there to kiss his ass.

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Plays Gamble on Abortion Pill

Japan has controlled the Japanese Woman’s hands, not allowing them to get abortion pills freely. They added an insane clause you need your partner’s consent to buy the drug. The Japanese Women are holding protests all over to make it a fair play in which the male requires approval too before sharing her bed as they are the root cause of this unwanted hurricane.

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Touchpoints for Diya Saini




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