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Kevin Major is a D2 Basketball Player Making His Mark on the NCAA

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The NCAA basketball association is a breeding ground for college athletes who give their blood, sweat, and tears to get a chance to be drafted in the NBA. We are all aware that some of the great college basketball players were drafted and achieved their dream of playing in the NBA. Apart from this, they established themselves in the NCAA before moving on to the NBA.

Kevin Major is a rising star in the NCAA who has caught the attention of the NBA and its fans. Kevin was born in New York City at Harlem Hospital on April 15, 1997. He is the starting point guard for the men’s basketball team at Penn State University and is widely regarded as one of this generation’s finest college basketball players. Kevin Major is one of Penn State’s most prized players. 

His NCAA records indicate that he’s only improving all the time. Kevin has amassed a total of 1000 points in his college career since the start of his college career, which is a remarkable achievement. Kevin is the nation’s leading scorer, averaging 20 points per game, and he also holds the title for the most assists. He has been named the PSUAC Conference Player of the Week for the second time for his outstanding performance on the basketball court. Kevin’s tenacity and determination to succeed have also been recognized by the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA). Kevin Major was named the USCAA National Player of the Week on January 25, 2022. Kevin has earned the right to be named Conference and National Player of the Year based on his gamesmanship and capabilities. Every college athlete’s dream is to be nominated for Player of the Year, and Kevin has been one of the few nominated. His entire team’s success matches Kevin’s personal success; his current teammates set the school record with a 22-5 regular-season record. Only a few teams can proclaim a record as spectacular as this. Penn State is going to the national tournament to display their prized player, Kevin Major, and the chemistry of the Penn State team. Kevin and his team are ranked second in the league.

Kevin Major has already accomplished great things in college, cementing his place in NCAA history and at Penn State University. I’m looking forward to seeing what the outstanding young and promising Kevin Major can accomplish in his remaining college years and his future in the NBA! Keep up to date with this talented athlete by following him at any of the below.


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