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Ghet Finesse Spark A Flame with His New Club Banger “Roof On Fire”

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The extraordinary piece has been released by the talented artist Ghet Finesse. Its superb presentation has created a buzz.

Vents magazine  states the musical artist Ghet Finesse is electrifying when on stage and that he was going to be releasing a single soon, that time is now, his voice and brilliant sound has captured the listeners. The dope lyrics and unique style creates music with different vibes. His wordplay and lingo has been attracting more ears,He is an independent and upcoming artist, he single-handedly composes, sings, raps and produces the songs and edit his videos. This multi-talented artist now started on his way. His various ways of presenting the craft has established a unique identity for him in the music industry.

This artist from Pittsburgh,PA is getting a lot of attention for his song ‘Shake it”ft Lyrix a female artist from Pittsburgh Produced by Hitkidd.The refreshing song has generated a buzz. He has beautifully created the track and presented it with his flawless deliverance. His vocals and delivery have added a different element to his work. He has the true flavour of a musical artist. His electric presence, captivating and dynamic flow hits hard on beat produced by Jody Rico “Roof on Fire”. His hooks and sound are starting to attract attention in various audiences.

Be on the lookout for another collaboration between

Jody Rico and Ghet Finesse Titled “Serum”

Ghet Finesse is becoming an established music artist in the music world. he has created songs in his musical career apart from ‘Roof On Fire; some of them are , ‘Serum, ‘Shake it and Toxic just to name a few .. All the songs give a different vibe to each of them.

Hear him on:

His socials:

Instagram: @ghetfinesse



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