Co-founder of Studio Crazy NOOdles Hiro Ando launches Samurai Cats NFTs

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On December 12, the co-founder of Studio Crazy NOOdles and an iconic Japanese Artist, Hiro Ando launched his digital art collection. This collection consists of 4747 Samurai Cats, the warriors of 47 Ronin. With this initiative, He aims to revolutionize the contemporary art market by relying on the NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

These NFTs work as a digital property title and guarantee the authenticity of the art. They also allow the artist and buyer to steer between the physical and digital world.

Hiro Ando is a versatile artist, who knits the traditional themes with modern themes. He perfectly blends the traditional Japanese mass culture with the western and eastern pop culture. Ando also has established himself as a leading Japanese pop artist. He takes inspiration from the Japanese Manga and Japanese Archetype, for example, the sumo wrestlers, Hello Kitty, and the Samurai Cats.

Ando launched himself to the public with his Samurai Cats sculptures, which sold for tens of thousands of euros. The sculptures are built around the traditional good luck icon of Japanese culture, Maneki-Neko. These sculptures protect you from evil spirits, claims the famous DJ Steve Aoki.

Hiro Ando’s new collective offers an exclusive and inventive collection of 4747 Samurai Cats. These Samurai Cats are in various faces, colors, and outfits. They use the Ethereum blockchain and are assembled using the 300 hand-drawn layers from Hiro Ando. Through the use of NFTs, buyers can avail benefits upon Ando’s physical work. These consist of access to the virtual gallery, the Samurai Cat image, and the preview of future collections whether digital or physical.

Studio Crazy NOOdles aims to take part in the ongoing artistic revolution by deciding to set NFTs at the core of this collection. Indeed, the NFTs are ready to revolutionize the contemporary art market. They had a rapid growth of $2.7 billion (+117%) in the last year. This growth can be clarified by the digital migration of art auctions since the beginning of the global crisis.

Also, from this point, buyers of Hiro Ando’s physical art can claim a free NFT. Hiro Ando’s upcoming digital collections will be supported by the physical world. This decision will be beneficial for the daring artistic community and the metaverse.

Studio Crazy NOOdles was founded in 2005 in Tokyo by Hiro Ando and Saori Nakamishi. Their main goal is to promote the creation of young Japanese pop artists on a large scale. Today, the studio consists of 10 Neo pop artists. They expect to follow the approach of Andy Warhol, whose art re-evaluates the culture besides mass consumption. Studio Crazy NOOdles make it a point to take viewers on a journey between the physical world and the metaverse. It allows everyone to experience adventure at the core of Japanese neo-pop culture.

You can Mint the NFT from their official site. Check out their official OpenSea account to buy the collection. To get more information, follow them on Twitter and Discord.


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