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Check how Muhammed Akief is grabbing attention with his comedy videos

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In today’s day and age, people are always on the lookout for new areas of entertainment whether it be in the form of music, drama or comedy. While there are several rising faces for the first two categories, we would like to introduce Muhammed Akief a rising content creator who has made his mark in the world of comedy and is creating a happier world one video at a time.

Muhammed Akief’s major platform for content creation is YouTube and has been since he uploaded his first video titled “What happens when foreigners try to be like Arab”. While many follow a similar career path Muhammed Akief had exactly the right amount of talent and online relevance which allowed his debut video to be an instant viral video. “It was all quite a big surprise because I never meant to post the video. I, my brother Nihal and my friend Sugin went and shot the video just for fun and then they asked me to post it on Facebook but I was not confident enough. Finally, after a lot of urging from my family, I posted it and went to take a short nap. Imagine my surprise when I was being shaken awake with my brother explaining that my video had gone viral and was being viewed by millions of people across the world!”, Muhammed Akief elaborates. Check it out for yourself at

After the initial shock was over Muhammed Akief understood that he had an actual knack for making comedy skits and went on to produce several more hilarious videos such as “A Mandan From London” and “3 Idiots” At present, he has almost 350,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and near about 76,000 followers on his Instagram profile.

While Muhammed Akief is definitely focused on his present career path, he believes that there is no harm in broadening your horizons and seeking out other sources of work which will not only interest you but also provide another means of earning. In this aspect, Muhammed Akief hopes to build upon his repertoire as an actor and director in the Malayalam film industry. With his expertise and experience in creating videos, Muhammed Akief is already one step ahead in the fields of cinematography and scriptwriting. So, you can expect him to soon make his debut in the film and entertainment industry when a good offer comes his way.

Till then check out more of Muhammed Akief’s content by following him on his social media platform linked below:






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