Brando “Crypto Wizard” Murphy Talks About His Work In The Crypto World And How He Is Revolutionizing The Industry.

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It is wondrous to learn about the massive growth and progress certain industries and sectors have made consistently, even during trying times like these. Ever wondered what could be the reasons behind their massive success. Well, there could be innumerable factors, but the emergence of certain professionals has changed the game of certain industries for good. Brando “Crypto Wizard” Murphy stands tall as one of them in the cryptocurrency world with his one-of-a-kind enterprise named Bigger Than Race (BTR), all about helping people with their personal development, emotional wellness, and mental health, besides helping them attain their success in cryptocurrency.

Brando Murphy Comedian

We sat him down (virtually) and asked him a few questions on what exactly he does and how he has impacted people’s lives with his fintech knowledge and guidance in crypto.

Let’s start by knowing more about you.

I have been an actor and have loved working in the comedy genre, producing my own film and parody video series and even scriptwriting. However, the world of cryptocurrency always fascinated me. Hence, I jumped into the same and created my enterprise, “Bigger Than Race” (BTR), which is all about valuable content creation on crypto, which cannot be found anywhere else. Today, I teach my loyal BTR members the scholarly most investment strategies with a keen focus on the highest quality so that people can broaden their mindsets and understand both sides of the coin in the crypto and blockchain industry.

How have you transformed and impacted the lives of your BTR members?

I work towards bringing them the truth backed by research that leads them to generational wealth. So far, with my approach to value, quality and action, I have created a 249 member Patreon and growing. They have earned an ROI of 100,000%+ in portfolio percentage gains groupwide. Through my intuitive guidance, content, and numerous exclusive coin picks, the BTR members have earned their 1st multi-million-dollar profits, and some others are at their quarter of a million to half a million dollars profit marks.

How do you plan to expand your BTR community?

I plan to expand the Bigger Than Race community with the first annual BTR Conference in 2022. This conference aims to create a synergy of influential people who can share their individual experiences and help attendees with their personal development, emotional wellness, and mental health. Also, it will be beyond cryptocurrency investments, diving into a holistic wealth of resources to aid in creating people’s best and ideal life.

Brando “Crypto Wizard” Murphy also highlights that he has been able to grow people’s investment mindset so much that their goal has not just remained limited to making profits but also reinvesting in the next best profitable projects. He has helped them build generational wealth and develop an investor mindset.

Brando Murphy
Crypto Wizard

Do follow him on Instagram @brando_btr to know more.

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