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Pro Science

The urban and reggaeton are genres that complement each other and provide different nuances, this formula has been around for years, but ProScience takes it to the next level.

This musician with a past in the urban genre resumed his career in 2021 with his album To break it.

From this album comes his new single entitled To break it (same name of the album)

This song is available on all digital platforms. His video clip, made by body engineering and its instrumental by Alexander DJy, can already be seen on his YouTube channel. Impossible rhythms, incredible sounds, and great lyrics accompany this explosive combination of musical genres.


His name is Farid Naffah, better known in the world of music as ProScience, he is a musician, singer, entrepreneur, and influencer.

He was born on October 31, 1985 in Armenia-Quindío, Colombia. He grew up in the rural area of ​​his hometown, where he studied at the San Luis Rey school and graduated in agro-industrial engineering at the EAM university. From a young age he showed great passion for music by participating in various projects in genres such as rock and pop.

In 2021, he signed a contract with One Rpm, one of the most recognized publishing companies in the world.

His first single “Pa romperla” exploded on social networks and went viral through Instagram and spread throughout Latin America.

farid naffah

The bodybuilder, businessman, and influencer Farid Naffah shared his life story with a group of attendees at ExpoU 2022. A space in which he invited students to be powerful and to release the greatest potential for their lives, through knowledge, discipline, and the passion for what they dream of.

The most important decision

ExpoU 2022, like the previous versions, acquires a leading role of great importance in the lives of young people, in the face of what it will be like to assume higher learning, based on the profession they will study in the short, medium, and long term.

The last year of high school will always be unforgettable for young people, not only because it is the closing of a cycle in their lives, but also because it will be the great step to choosing the path to become the pillars of a region and a country.

In this sense, Lina Milena González Murcia, the coordinator of ExpoU, highlighted this event as a window into the future.

ExpoU is an academic benchmark for the entire department, it is undoubtedly a window to the future for tenth and eleventh-grade students who are about to finish their basic studies, it is the opportunity to get closer to the dream of being a professional,” he said.

He also reiterated that “there they will have the privilege of knowing, first-hand, a diverse academic offer at the local, regional and national levels. They will be able to ask questions and have complete information about the careers, university, and training centers of their choice”.


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