Yesmin Ben Hammouda zeroes down the key areas for women to succeed in life. Read to find out!

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Women who are driven by the desire to achieve success on professional grounds are well aware of the constant need to equip themselves with knowledge and creativity. Such women look for extra opportunities at every turn in their work lives. After all, the development of certain skills can go a long way and help women in thriving in different roles across distinct industries. One of the skilled and versatile women Yesmin Ben Hammouda is leading the way as a multi-faceted personality. She is an entrepreneur, master life coach, influencer, model and actress with her roots in Luxembourg.

Currently based in Dubai, Yesmin has pursued her studies in International Business Law from Paris-Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi. Yesmin’s first and foremost business venture was an interior designing company named ‘YesLux’ that had operations in Abu Dhabi. Since the onset of her career, Yesmin has been adamant about being self-employed rather than working for any company. To expand her horizons, she learnt a course of Master NLP Practitioner and got certified as a theta healer.

But is having just a business mind enough to earn great fortunes? Certainly not. Yesmin emphasizes the important areas women should focus on. According to the influencer, good communication is an important skill woman should possess to build meaningful and valuable relationships. Along with it, time management and leadership go hand in hand. Essaying different job profiles, Yesmin knows how to manage time amidst her diversified works.

A true leader that Yesmin is, she believes in leading the way and not following what everyone else is doing. Having mastered these skills, Yesmin Ben Hammouda has brought a significant change by inspiring thousands of women to never stop dreaming. The supremely talented woman understands the need to strike a balance between a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. As much as she is passionate about her profession as a life coach, Yesmin is paying equal attention to her acting career.

While fitness remains an integral part of her life, Yesmin Ben Hammouda is encouraging overall development in every woman’s life. One of her remarkable achievements remains to be a brand ambassador of White Ribbon Ukraine, a global initiative to eradicate violence against women. On the professional side, Yesmin recently participated in the Mount Everest Fashion Runway Season 2, and she holds a Guinness World Record of participating in a high-altitude fashion show which had its ramp atop the Thonak Glaciers near Cho Oyu base camp.


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