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Willingness to share challenges and openness to receiving advice is the beauty of Mentorship Process – Sourabh Baheti

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Unlike other business owners are you one of them looking for a mentor? If you’re a young entrepreneur, or you don’t have much experience running a business, you should be. Working with a mentor provides innumerable benefits; not only will you receive guidance, advice, and help when trying to solve tough problems, you’ll also be able to leverage your mentor’s extended network of contacts for new partnerships, employees, and clients.

Mentoring is not a new idea. In the ancient Indian epic, Mahabharata, the great warrior and leader, Arjuna, considered Lord Krishna as his mentor.The right mentor will come with a different unique set of strengths and weaknesses, tried and tested in the real world. For businesses coming up with effective business growth strategies, marketing strategies, succession strategies, etc. can be difficult. Adapting generic advice to your specific business is a challenge, and evaluating whether or not a specific strategy will work for you is easier with the help of a Business Mentor who is another seasoned business owner.

Do not assume that a person with the most professional experience with obviously be the best fit to be your mentor.  Being a mentee, it is important for you to learn and understand the mentor’s strengths and learn from their experiences. They should have already reached the goals that you have in mind for you or have effectively used the strengths you want to possess.
If you have ever heard famous personalities speak about their success stories, you would have noticed one common thing amongst all of them; they all had someone who guided them through their life. Now if you are someone who has a goal and needs help achieving it or you feel lost and do not know what to do, a mentor is someone who can be your guide and help you with your journey.

“I am an organizational and leadership development Mentor dedicated to helping people develop the strategies, skills and sensibilities needed for success in the 21st century. I focus on researching practical, pragmatic and proven approaches to success in business. I am particularly passionate about helping people who are early- and mid-career take control of their workplace experience and success. I am devoted to helping people develop robust relationships with their peers, bosses and managers. My ultimate goal is to help you have the best career and work-life experience possible! I will help you become a career victor and not a career victim.” – Mission Statement by Sourabh Baheti 


Sourabh Baheti ( Managing Director – Kasturi Group ) started his professional journey at the young age of 20, he started contributing towards his family business and had the responsibility to carry on the legacy and goodwill that his father and uncle have already built. The responsibility was huge but Sourabh has never failed to prove his worth in the business.  Being an owner of the multifaceted business group by the name of  “Kasturi” that deals in Real Estate, Hotels, and Leisure and Commodity Sector. His group has been in the infrastructure sector for over 25 years now focussing on the development of residential homes, flats, and commercial buildings in and around Jodhpur city, trading in commodities since 2005, and running a Hotel cum Event Venue since 2012. Our hotel, Kasturi Orchid is one of the largest Wedding Resorts in Jodhpur housing a luscious green oval-shaped garden and three banquet halls catering to different needs and requirements of people.  He is also Co-Founder at Sabhi Digital, a renowned digital company that uses digital technologies to change business models and provides new revenue and value-unlocking opportunities. Regardless of being a well-established businessman with hundreds of employees working under him Sourabh still covets learning and has undergone a program at IIM Ahmedabad. He participated in a special “Leadership and Management Training Programme” at Oxford University, London. In his opinion, learning new things has nothing to do with one’s age, it’s all about the passion that comes from within.  

Sourabh Baheti 

Serial Entrepreneur & Business Mentor 

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