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Are we waiting for someone? What do we have to lose? If we have dreams, we should also have the drive to make them a reality. If we know our goals, we should begin working toward them with all our might and desire, just like we would with a resolution. Only via a resolution are you able to shape your future. One should always keep in mind that destiny is not always predetermined. Rather than that, we create our own destiny by our actions, whether good or bad. Never, ever believe that my existence is entirely devoid of difficulties. My entire life has been consumed by troubles. We are the ones who never attempt to resolve such issues and instead wind up linking them to ourselves. Even when we have no difficulties, we behave as if we have because we are never delighted about witnessing positive things.

To recover from such a scenario, one should constantly remind oneself that “this position is advantageous for me.” Time always moves in the same direction. It produces bad times following good times and good times following horrible times. The reality is that there is nothing remotely resembling an issue. We are the ones who create such circumstances. It’s all about our perspective on a scenario. Whether we witness the good or the terrible, we must always keep in mind that time remains the same

Why are we so averse to seeing our own inner beauty? We are not who we believe we are. We contain everything. We simply need to know how to act appropriately in order to obtain it.

We are the authors of our own life; so, why should we place the responsibility for our troubles on someone else? Our thoughts originate within us. On the basis of those thoughts, we construct our life. Everything is contingent upon our actions.

Always keep in mind that if you want to succeed in one night, you want to accomplish everything as quickly as possible. Then, we should understand that in addition to numerous attempts, climbing a mountain requires us to endure numerous sleepless nights and overcome all obstacles in our path.

Are you still on the lookout for someone? Nobody is going to come because,

“Whatever you want to do, don’t do it for others, do it for yourself because life doesn’t give you another chance.”

  • Yogita Warde


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