Vegan and Cruelty-Free Luxury Lifestyle Brand SUVERIA Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

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Over the past couple of years, veganism has become widely accepted as a preferable way of life. There are several industries that have adapted to the rising increase of people who choose to be vegans such as the food and clothing industry. This is where SUVERIA, a unique initiative by Suveria Mota, comes in. SUVERIA is a “truly vegan luxury fashion brand” with a wide collection of chic as well as trendy heels made without leather, fur silk, or wool.

Recently, customers have been in a frenzy as SUVERIA is celebrating its third anniversary. With out-of-the-box designs, affordable prices, and excellent customer satisfaction records, SUVERIA has definitely made a mark in the hearts of several around the world. Suveria Mota recognizes this and claims that having a loyal customer base is the number one reason why her dream has been made into a reality. Suveria Mota, a true trailblazer, was always sure and confident that people would care about their vegan and cruelty-free shoes as they would definitely be a diversion from the trend. Yet the undying support and admiration for the purpose of SUVERIA as shown by its customers are truly mind-blowing and inspirational. Indeed, the brand has received several accolades from its clients for always being 100% vegan and creating a niche in the market that most manufacturers did not care to cater to.

Suveria Mota did not have a trained background in fashion and designing and this presented minute challenges on her growth as a newcomer to the fashion industry. Yet Suveria Mota didn’t let this stop her and instead focussed on learning as much as possible from the day she had started dreaming about entrepreneurship. Suveria Mota spent hours researching and even took a shoemaker’s course in Los Angeles to complement her knowledge about how fashion houses work and what kind of designs and styles are in demand.

Even today Suveria Mota puts a lot of thought before launching a product and never forgets to do proper market research both from customer reviews as well as in-store and online sales. At the moment she is finalizing the last details before launching some new footwear designs. As for her long-term goals, Suveria Mota is keen on launching brooches and beauty products.

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