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Vaishnavi P – The girl who came out from the cocoon to achieve her dream

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Vaishnavi P

Vaishnavi P is a 20-year-old girl from Malappuram, Kerala, India, who is currently pursuing her graduation. She is a passionate writer and reader.”

Life is too short to dwell within the room of limits and cage the dreams,” she always thinks, and it is this notion that has compelled her to emerge from her cocoon. Self publishing wasn’t that easy task for her , but she didn’t gave up . Worked day and night for conquering her forever dream of being an Author . And covid nineteen has a great role in this . Lockdown hit her hard , however in a very positive way . She could manage her time and spent a few hours of every day for herself , “Time spent within ourselves will never be wasted ” she always says and proved it by herself . It all started with an Instagram page called @quotes_of_ysh, where she wrote down her thoughts and feelings as quotes and poems.

Her poetry collection “When my heart bleeds ink” was published on February 1, 2021. As the title depicts each poem is from her heart and this book has her heart . It contains 55 short and simple poems in which is moulded with emotions.

“Don’t wait for a miracle , be a miracle ” ~ Vaishnavi P author of When My Heart Bleeds Ink

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