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Utpal Khot’s fight for Animal crematorium continues…

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If someone is into social media and blogging, then they surely have met or known Utpal Khot. U K as he is fondly called by his friends, Utpal is a person who didn’t just focus on uplifting his personal and professional life, but he also works actively towards bringing good into the world. His NGO, “Being the Real Human Foundation” has been growing and raising awareness for the wellness of animals for a long time now. The NGO is established and actively working in Hyderabad and Mumbai. The NGO volunteers fed around 1000 animals every day during the first lockdown of 75 days in 2020. Even today they feed over 300 animals per day with the help of their office bearers, members and volunteers.

He has been crusading against animal cruelty and has been raising his voice against the culling and killing of animals over the last few years and is very vocal on social media platforms like Twitter. He has been trying to get the authorities to make an Animal crematorium for Navi Mumbai. He was the first one to write to authorities like CIDCO and Panvel Municipal Corporation. Though the Government has not yet constructed any crematorium, Utpal Khot is confident that not just the Maharashtra Government but one day all state Governments will have at least one animal crematorium per district. He believes this will help keep the environment clean and also give the animals a respectful end post their death.

Last but not least, we know that many people believe in “being good and doing well for the people.” But Utpal Khot is the best living example of this quote. Utpal Khot is also a column writer for many leading online portals. Some of his quotes are very popular which go with the hashtag #UtpalKhotSays

“I am a child of God who has been assigned to help and feed animals. God-haters will continue hating me, others will stop eventually”

“By not treating Animals as living beings, you only reveal the animal in you.”

“The more time I spend with animals, the less time I now want to spend with Humans.”

Some of his quotes are used frequently in stories and editorials.

He also encourages people to place cement water bowls for animals and birds to quench their thirst and he has inspired many to do this. The cement bowl water placement movement was started by him many years back and we now see many interested animal lovers/shopkeepers keeping a cement bowl in front of their offices/shops so that animals could drink water from it.

In spite of winning so many accolades and awards for his work, he believes in leading a simple life and tries to stay away from the limelight. He believes in motivating and inspiring others to do animal service. “Feed one animal a day and soon the world will be a better place to live in, with no animal-human conflict.” – #UtpalKhotSays

To know more about him, go check out her social media channels:-




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