Cat Trapped in Amazon Parcel, Found Alive After 6 Days!

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Utah Pet Mishap

In a surprising turn of events, a Utah couple found themselves in a distressing situation after accidentally shipping their beloved pet cat in an Amazon return package. The incident left their feline friend trapped without food or water for a harrowing six days.

Galena’s Journey

The cat in question, named Galena, embarked on an unintended adventure that spanned several states. Utah’s KSL-TV broke the story, revealing that Carrie Clark, one of Galena’s owners, noticed the cat was missing on April 10. Despite extensive searches by Clark, family, and friends in their home and neighborhood, Galena remained elusive.

A Lucky Discovery

It wasn’t until Galena’s microchip was scanned that the mystery began to unravel. A veterinarian in California contacted Clark after finding Galena inside an Amazon return package, nestled among steel-toed work boots. The unexpected journey had taken Galena from Utah to California, a distance of several hundred miles.

Reunion and Reflection

Upon learning of Galena’s discovery, Clark initially expressed disbelief, recounting the emotional rollercoaster of realizing what had happened. The cat’s rescue from the package, after enduring days without sustenance, was credited to an observant Amazon employee. Clark and her husband, upon hearing the news, wasted no time flying to California for an emotional reunion with their resilient cat.

A message for pet parents.

The heartwarming reunion between Galena and her owners serves as a reminder of the importance of microchipping pets. Clark hopes their experience encourages all pet owners to take this vital step in ensuring their furry companions’ safety and swift return in case of unforeseen adventures.

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