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Turning his passion for writing into a full-blown profession is Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi.

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“If you can dream it, so can you achieve it,” says the growing writer and film-maker.

Dreaming about something is different; getting the hands dirty into doing that is different and going ahead with the attitude of giving it all to achieve the desired success is an altogether different thing. It is no easy when people talk about turning their passion and aspirations into a beautiful reality. Fortunately, the world has seen the best of the best across different fields and industries, who have turned their dreams into reality and one such name that has been doing exceedingly well as a writer and film-maker in the artistic and entertainment field is Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi. He is a young talent who has been growing in the industry and how. The level of success he has attained in such a short period proves his excellence in the field.

“I was born and raised in one of the most beautiful cities of Saudi, named Onaiza in Qatar. Writing short and simple stories was something my heart was hooked on to since the very beginning. The passion doubled when I began reading many novels and stories, which played a huge role in contributing to the expansion of my imagination. Slowly, I began with writing stories and showing them to my friends, and today, I have gone all-in with my passion for writing and film-making,” explains Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi about how he began his expedition as a writer.

He adds, saying that this very passion for writing allowed him to write his first novel named Diwan Al-Orouba, a fictional epic novel about the history of the Arabs, which garnered a lot of praise for the young writer. Writing and making films was something Ahmed Abdullah Ali-Mutairi always wanted to do and here he is today, as a powerful name from the Saudi, who is leaving no stone unturned to garner attention from people across the world with his outstanding writing and film-making skills.

Though he did his undergraduate major in Civil Engineering, to pursue his dreams, he went ahead in doing writing and film-making. The early success he attained with the stories he wrote as a young talent got him where he is today. Talking about his inspiration, Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi says that he has always admired the work of some of the narrators, and most importantly, the work of Egyptian novelist Nabil Farouk.

He is currently writing a story about a girl in an oppressive society and remains unique with his writing style and composition that shows the reality the way it is. Truly, Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi has won much appreciation and love from people for his writing and film-making work.

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