Trio Female Rap Group B3t On Yours3lf Is Stunning People With Their Bars and Looks

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When you see the music video for B3t On Yours3lf’s hit single They Like, you will immediately notice how stunning the trio behind this rising all-female rap group is, as well as how raw, bold, and witty their bars are. Formed by Charlie, AK, and Porsha, B3t On Youts3lf is quickly rising up in the ranks of the hip-hop scene.

The three women that make up B3t On Yours3lf, or B.O.Y. for short, hail from the cities of LA, Providence, and Tampa. They all had their challenges along the way to get to where they are today. Yet, as strong and confident women do, they persevered. Today, they are collaborating and working together to create something that has never been done before in the way they are doing it.

We are all used to male rappers always talking about what they want or like to do, in exceptionally vivid detail. For the most part, female rappers have shied away from being as overt as their male counterparts. However, that has all changed with B.O.Y. These women are essentially doing what men have been doing for years. They are now saying and doing exactly what they want, which is part of their quest to get rid of gender inequality within the industry.

Yes, it is a bold and provocative approach. However, people seem to like it. The music video for They Like has been seen nearly 1.5 million times already, and has spawned a dedicated fanbase that is growing continually. These women are assertive and salacious. They are edgy and melodic. They know what men want, and they know what they want themselves.

Gender inequality has been an issue in society overall throughout history. Women like Charlie, AK, and Porsha have had enough of it, and are doing whatever they can to get rid of the inequality that is still rife in places like the music industry.

B.O.Y.’s success is largely also due to the incredible chemistry the trio has. Porsha has remarked on how well the three of them get along. She has expressed how they are all a perfect fit and when they band together, everything simply works out great, every single time. They actually enjoy being a bit different from one another. This gives the group as a whole a dynamic quality that is often missing in hip-hop groups today. By embracing their uniqueness and differences, it allows B3t On Yours3elf to be authentic and do what feels best for them.

With the success of They Like in 2020, B.O.Y. is planning to release more music in 2021, banking off of its newfound popularity as an all-female hip-hop group that has artistic talent, is entertaining, exudes confidence in its bars, and looks absolutely stunning. Be on the lookout for what’s coming next out of this group, because it’s going to be massive.

You can follow B.O.Y. on Instagram @b3tonyours3lf and on Facebook.

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