Top 5 Skincare Trends That Will Be Huge in 2022

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Every day, new products are launching into the beauty and skincare industry. But even in such a popping industry, some trends create a buzz. The global pandemic has certainly influenced skincare trends of 2021 and also still playing a huge role in trends of 2022. Last year was all about personalized skincare, jade rollers, and sustainable products.

TikTok and Instagram users have already been predicting skincare trends for 2022. The Fashion Herald will keep you updated with the latest trends of the beauty and fashion industry. From fermented skincare to refillable packaging, here are the top 5 skincare trends that will be huge in 2022.

  1. Microdosing –

In Microdosing, a tiny amount of acid like glycolic is taken along with other active ingredients like retinol. Sometimes using excess doses of skincare can be irritating for the skin. That is why using a lower concentration of active ingredients is going to be preferred. But that does not mean that the ingredients won’t deliver results.

Every ingredient works its best at its ideal state. Using ingredients with optimal concentration with a combination of ingredients is great for achieving strong results.

  1. Fermented Skincare

We all know that fermented food is extremely beneficial for our health. But now recent studies have stated that fermented ingredients provide tons of benefits for our skin too. They can help with anti-aging and reduce inflammation.

They are currently in trend as they naturally enhance penetration and potency without irritating the skin. One study has proved that fermented red ginseng offers stronger anti-wrinkle activity than non-fermented red ginseng.

  1. Refillable Packaging –

The beauty industry is one of the top industries to generate plastic waste. While creating zero-waste products is not yet possible, there are some ways to cut the volume of single-use plastic in the beauty industry. The easiest method is refillable packaging. Try to opt for products with refillable packaging. There are many brands that are making an effort like Youth To The People, Yves Saint Laurent, and the Human race.

  1. Hybrid Products –

Because of the global pandemic, many people scaled back on the number of steps of their skincare routine. Many have been reaching out for multitasking products even after the world is opened again (mostly).

This minimalistic approach saves money and time but also reduces individual environmental footprints. The most popular hybrid products are foundations infused with SPF protection. Make sure you are choosing products that include sunscreen filters in the active ingredients to guarantee adequate sunscreen coverage.

  1. Biotic Skincare –

Our skin is constantly covered in bacteria and fungi. But having microorganisms on your skin is necessary. Microbiome, microorganisms that make up the skin, are directly related to the skincare products formulated with biotics. These microorganisms are critical for optimal skin health. Many brands are formulating their products with pre, pro, and postbiotics.

Many popular ingredients such as ginseng, oats, and glucomannan are prebiotics that supports the bacteria required for healthy skin. Probiotics, organisms that make microbiomes, and postbiotics, a metabolic by-product of the bacteria.


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