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Three talents of India you must definitely know are Devika Das, Kanika Barman and Abhishek Bordia. India has the most talented minds when it comes to fields such as sports, economics, literature, commerce, law, social activism, science and academics. We are blessed with one of the largest young populations in the world. 


Devika Das is an award-winning author and actor. She pursues her passion for writing and theatre in Hyderabad. She has recently published a children’s book titled The Climate Ninja published by Merlinwand, Hyderabad. Her title ‘The Mind Game’ is a national bestseller and is now available at bookstores in London. Her Hindi short story ‘Meghna’ with Blue Rose Publishers is a bestseller on Amazon. She is a theatre artist with Nishumbita Ballet & Theatre, Hyderabad and has won the National Award for the short films Waterman and The Silent Voice directed by Anshul Sinha. 

She has been invited as a speaker for many national literary festivals, TED Circles and also judged several literary competitions organized by schools and colleges. Currently, she is working as a Content Strategist for an IT Company in Hyderabad.

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Kanika Barman is the writer of the UNHEARD voices of women and Critic Utpal Datta released Kanika Barman’s NISHIGANDHA. Kanika Barman came to the limelight as one of the most vital novelists with her first novel, NISHIGANDHA (means the smell of night). 

This novel tells some unheard stories of some women from different parts of the society that the writers find difficult to travel. In an extended interview, Kanika Barman narrated the background of her novel.

‘I worked as a counsellor for a few years under NACO. As a part of my work, I had to counsel many Govt registered sex workers. A survey report came where we found that transmission of HIV+ among a few sections of people appeared alarming. The woman sex worker was a major category in that list. During the counselling period, I learned about their wounded hearts, pain and dreams, sufferings, hopes, aspirations and the unbearable attitude they received from society. Later, I realized hunger was the root cause of their endless sufferings. After listening to their life stories and realizing their personal and social crises, I planned to write about them. I feel no woman is born a sex worker; some elements of our society transform them into sex workers but cannot ruin them. The life with shattered dreams and broken life.’

Though this novel NISHIGANDHA is Kanika’s debut novel, readers labelled her as an important novelist. Her powerful voice, observant eyes to the unseen world of the society, humanistic approach and crisp and free-flowing narrative style took her a critical writer. She started writing in her college days. She proved herself as an influential writer of biography, poems and short stories. Her short story, Sir Moi Bhukhan, aired on All India Radio and was an instant hit. She did her post-graduation in Assamese literature and worked in a Govt department for a few years. Later, she left the job and concentrated on writing. Apart from writing, she engaged herself in a woman writer’s forum and tried to create an academic environment in a town named Tihu, where she lives. She is also one of the recipient of Literary Honour from Govt of Assam.   

Her novel NISHIGANDHA was released by the known critic Utpal Datta whose latest book ‘Film Appreciation’ is a hit in the pan-Indian literary and film perspective. The novel Nishigandha features a portrait of Arti Sing, a political TV journalist in Jharkhand, who lives at Ranchi. Dr Sanjib Bora designed the cover. This book is available on Flipkart. Now, Kanika is completing her first short story collection, set to release at the forthcoming Assam Book Fair.


Abhishek bordia is a Chartered accountant by profession and work as practice leader of ahmedabad city at RSM global, the 6th largest consulting firm of globe…he has worked with more than 50 groups across the globe.. travelled 6 countries and hold experience in almost all the sectors like energy, infra, gaming, crypto, markets, manufacturing, etc..

He has got connects and references in more than 20 countries through discussions on blockchain investments on international platforms…

He has collaborated with i-HUB gujarat and eChai – Startup and Venture capital management group of gujarat govt to provide ecosystem to startups and he has also collaborated with Unschool academy to provide educations and jobs to needy at very nominal investment of Rs. 2000..

Abhishek writes books on all genres and has participated as co-authors for more than 10 books with namya foundation, creativity United, RK publication, khwaab publication, Dreamers Shelf, etc..

He is bringing his own book on blockchain technology and also his own publication house with name “Writing Jewels”

He is a mutual fund, insurance and PMS service distributor and also provides crypto, defi mining and foreign finance company investment advisories..

He has his own food venture and will bring a food truck soon…

He has started his own real estate consulting and broking services…

He is working closely with a large gaming group and bringing his own online gaming app..

He has collaborated with chairman of hridhya se hospital group shri surendraji chhajed and have started national cause to provide free health treatment for cancer, heart disease, knee replacement, and all women care along with efforts to provide jobs to all..we plan to connect 1 million families as first milestone..

Agenda points:

1. Free treatment to womens under ayushman bharat at 5 star hospital in ahmedabad – it will cover all the womens life needs right from child’s birth to woman’s death.. Also for women’s empowerment and skill development, we will provide various trainings like yoga, handicraft works, stitching classes, anganwadi, etc.

2. We will collaborate to cover everybody under ayushman bharat to provide free knee replacement, heart disease and cancer treatment at 5 star hospital…Also cost of conveyances will be reimbursed..

3. We will encourage our youth to come forward for social causes – not to donate but empower them for work.

4. We will also provide treatments at nominal cost of Rs. 1500 per day to permanently disable patients with all homely care and support…

5. We will try to bring happiness in life of every individual…

You can reach out to him as below:

Instagram – Abhishek_bordia28

Linkedin –

Telegram: @AB_Dreambig


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