Things to discuss with the Wedding Photographer in Santa Cruz! 

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Planning a wedding is a challenging task. There are a lot of things that you need to pay attention to during all those planning sessions. But the photographer you are hiring plays a significant role. We all know that there are so many different photographers in Santa Cruz available who assure to provide the best photography services. But you cannot trust all of them because everyone has a different requirement, and it is necessary to convey all of it to them. 

If you are unsure about what to discuss with the Wedding Photographer in Santa Cruz, don’t worry—keep on reading. In this article, we will highlight all the essential things that are necessary to discuss with the photographer. After examining all the significant things, you can ensure whether they are the best ones to consider or not! 

Things to discuss with the photographer:

Experience and style: 

Experience and style must be addressed. When you are choosing the Wedding photographer in Carmel, ask them about their experience and the style they are choosing. There are different types of photography styles available like traditional or photojournalistic or fine art. Apart from that, you can also have a look at their portfolio to be sure whether it aligns with your vision or not. 

Pricing and packages: 

Every Wedding photographer in Big Sur has created a package mentioning the services included in it. Look at the different packages that they offer and analyse what they contain. This understanding will help you determine whether all your needs are covered. After that, do ask them about any additional fees related to the package, like travel costs or some special request, so that you can accommodate them accordingly. 


How can you forget to ask them about availability? Try to book the wedding photographer in Santa Cruz at least 3 to 4 months before your big day because photographers are usually busy during the wedding season. Ask them if they are available on a particular date. You need to be sure about the number of days for your wedding because there are so many pre- and post-wedding rituals that a couple needs to perform, and a photographer is needed for them.

Discuss the timeline for every event: 

Discuss the timeline of the day clearly with the wedding photographer and how they will cover each part. Some photographers in Santacruz have unlimited staff, and they need to manage services in the same manner. Do ask them how they will be able to cover the ceremony, reception, and all other special moments happening in between. If the photographer does not have clarity regarding how they will plan things, there is a possibility they will not be able to accommodate you on your special day. 

Shot list:

For every couple, the wedding photographers hold different importance, and you and your spouse might have shortlisted some of the best shots that you want. It is essential for you to discuss this with them so that you can be sure that every moment is captured as you have imagined and wanted it to be. Also, ask them about the shot list that they have because this will give you an idea of how creative they are with photography.

Post-production details: 

Post production details are also very essential to be discussed because you need to ask them about the editing process and how many photos that you will receive. Along with that, ask them about the format and the time frame in which they will provide you with all the data. Some wedding photographers in Santa Cruz only provide you with photos in digital format, and they need a connection in delivering you with albums or friends. It would help if you analysed whether you want to get the data in digital format or you want a hard copy.

Contract and payment: 

Do have clarity regarding the contract and pay attention to all the terms and conditions that they have mentioned for providing the services. Every Photographer in Santa Cruz has a specific policy that they follow. You need to pay attention towards the same post of the policy parameters, including the cancellation aspect and the payment schedule. Ensure to understand all the terms and conditions before signing it so that there will be no problem on your big day.


In conclusion, whenever you are in Santa Cruz or looking for a Monterey Wedding Photographer, be sure to discuss all the things mentioned above. These things will help you decide whether the photographer you are choosing will align with your needs. If there is anything else you have in mind, then feel free to discuss it with them. A clear conversation is necessary before your big day because even a little chaos on your big day can ruin your mood. If you do not want the same to happen clarify everything in advance and be ready to get the moments captured with all the perfection!


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