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Adnan Javid Khan is an Entrepreneur, internet marketing and social media marketing expert from Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Khan is Born on (05 march 2003) in Baramulla. He is the youngest entrepreneur from Baramulla who started his career at just the age of 14, he started his career in digital marketing in 2017, founded an internet marketing company known as ‘Notorious Digital Media’ (earlier known as ‘Block Domain’) he serves as the C.E.O of the company.

This lone entrepreneur’s expertise in digital marketing has impressed one and all as he happens to be solely managing his digital agency unlike any other digital agencies. he is the founder, owner and managing director of ‘Notorious Digital Media‘ (which was earlier called ‘Block Domain’). He is merely 17 today but his efforts started in 2017 when he founded his company.

Today, he is considered as the youngest man to have dealt in digital marketing agencies in his state and hometown. He has the expertise in managing, creating, evaluating and producing the online and digital marketing campaigns, which made him  handle a wide range of projects and give some of the best results on the web. His struggle to give the best to businesses with his digital marketing efforts turned the table for many. He did give the best to his clients not only from India but all across the world.

Entrepreneurship is away, where there are tons of opportunities for the right minds if you choose this as your main and primary goal you will be basically shaping a better and wealthy future, some of the main things are to invest properly, look for open windows and hop. Khan tells us about his journey, he said that when you basically think of starting a business you have to learn how it works first and how it will benefit you now or in future, and what steps we should take in a manner to get it going.

best of luck to one such name!


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Hey, i am Adil Javid Khan, i am an Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert and P.R specialist from Baramulla, Kashmir.
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