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The Unacknowledged Struggles by Asiya Zehra

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Asiya Zehra

Asiya Zehra’s  debut novel, the Unacknowledged Struggles, speaks for the women’s rights in a patriarchal society where daughters and wives are not allowed to speak before their fathers and husbands respectively. She elaborates how women struggles remain Unacknowledged throughout their lives. Also, in our society women’s responsibilities are synonymous to Struggles, for instance, gestation is struggle, so is parturition. Moreover lactation, and raising a child is another level of struggle but unfortunately our patri-lineage society normalise all struggles by calling them responsibilities as women were born to fulfil such responsibilities only. The irony is men are not responsible for this or perhaps they are but women are equally responsible. It’s our mothers (not all but most of them)who raise us this way. Daughters are being told to compromise at every stage of their life.

This novel mostly deals with domestic violence. According to her, “ it’s important point to remember that domestic violence is not just physical, emotional or sexual but any kind of behaviour that tries to control over the victim. More often than not women are the targets of domestic violence. Main reasons for that are illiteracy, unawareness and financial dependency on the menfolk. In male dominated society, men target women for their inhuman behaviour. Oppressors are not merely responsible for domestic violence but those who are mute spectators while others are being targeted and oppressed are equally responsible.

Public humiliation, criticism, comparison and destroying their self worth are emotional tortures that women have been facing since time immemorial. Domestic violence affects women’s health directly, such women are prone to illness. Disturbing mental, physical and reproductive health are direct consequences of the domestic violence.

You’ll read in this novel that the protagonist Azima has brought up in such a way that she knows her worth and  can discriminate between good and evil. She’s ready to break all stereotypes that make women weak and feeble before men. Azima is not different, she’s like everyone else but what makes her an exception and example for the society is her stubbornness to fight for her rights. Furthermore, she teaches her daughter to follow her own dreams to live by and own path to travel by. Having never been to modern school, Azima is well aware of importance of education and that’s why for her beloved daughter she can compromise with anything other than education. As one can bring change in this society with a simple act of education.

We need to aware our women and children against domestic violence and gender disparity. Moreover, educate them means eradicating such crimes and uprooting their causes. We’ve to raise our offspring in such ways that they will not tolerate injustice and violence. For this education is very crucial mechanism for the advancement of women and human beings in general.”

Asiya Zehra further added, “ I just love reading and writing since childhood and writing my own book was no less than a dream. My friends and family would always encourage me to publish my own book but it was only in 2021 I decided to pen down my words. I struggled hard to choose one particular title to write book on, but then I was also preparing for some exam (can’t reveal now, you’ll know that soon inshallah) for that I had to read social issues thoroughly and what I found that there are millions of books on wars and battles but there are only few books on domestic violence, we hardly talk about it publicly, why? If not more, it’s as heinous as any other crime in our country. I chose this topic for my debut novel as I want to make everyone aware against such social issues via my book. I’m glad that readers are liking it beyond my expectations. Hope my book will bring change in people’s perspective who look up to women merely as commodity. I’m looking forward to working with such projects ahead. Thanks to Blue rose Publishing house. Last but not the least, my readers are my strength, I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere without them.”

What are you waiting for? Go and place your orders as soon as possible. We’re proud that young author like her is determined to bring change in our patriarchal society. This world needs more authors like her and no doubt she is going to be their direction and a ray of hope that shines when everything else seems dim. Best wishes to you.



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