The success story of the famous tacos and fries restaurant “Quieres TacosWay”:

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Gabriel is the founder and the owner of the renowned restaurant in America named “Quieres TacosWay”. The restaurant is famous for its mouth-watering and finger-licking tacos and fries.

Life was not easy for Gabriel since childhood. At the age of 5, his family moved to Concecion De Buenos Aires in Jalisco, Mexica from San Fernando. As he began to grow up, he started helping his father out who used to sell tortillas. He realized the importance of hard work and providing for the family at a very young age. Things did not get better financially for them in Mexico so they decided to move back to America. After moving back to San Fernando valley, his parents found a job but soon after his mother got fired. By the time he was 15, he got his first legal job at a local market called Payless Food where Gabriel bagged groceries. At Kennedy High school, where Gabriel studied, he would literally sell anything he could get his hands on, just to ensure there’s food on the table at night. He even sold the tortas that his mother would cook.

Unfortunately, Gabriel did not finish his schooling. He married young and had a daughter named Sarahi with his wife Erica which were the best days of his life. He moved back with his parents when he got evicted from their house. His father remained positive even though they were struggling financially. Finally, they opened a family business of Mexican furniture. Eventually, things got better and they started doing well which was enough for Gabriel to buy a house. He then opened another store in Canoga park which had a financial setback so they started selling Hotdogs outside the DMV.

 Saving enough Gabriel opened a restaurant, to go back to his family’s root of selling tortillas. And named the restaurant “TacosWay”. He did not give up when people told him it was a bad idea and that he should move on. To promote his restaurant, he decided to make a song and upload the video on social media. The song that his friend Eddie made actually worked and people started coming in so he continued making more and more videos which made a buzz on social media. And his business evolved. People came from a different place to try out his famous Tacos and fries. He then opened a second shop half a mile away as now people used to wait in line to try out his food. It was just that good.

Through these years, Gabriel has learned the importance of believing his gut. Despite having faced terrible pitfalls and all kinds of hurdles along the way, he has given it his all and stuck to his path. Presently, Gabriel has opened 4 more restaurants and through his persistence, has turned his and his family’s dream of owning a restaurant chain into reality.


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