The Star Icon 2021 Winners Announced

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Star Icon 2021 Winners

The Rising Star Awards is an award platform started by Saloni Shah for the recognition of extraordinary people with extraordinary talents.
She truly believes that ” Awards can make you and your titles more visible. Awards do not only acknowledge success; they recognize many other qualities: ability, struggle, effort and, above all, excellence.”
Apart from this, she believes in branding the awardees by giving various gift vouchers, Premium Kit, media features, etc.
This was the second award that was organized to recognize talents all over the country in different categories.

Out of 65 nominations, 30 profiles were shortlisted and awarded.
Here are the winners of THE STAR ICON 2021 under different categories.

Surabhi Naik: Writer
Anna Jimmy Vincent: Author
Lubna Fatima: Influencer
Akshay Kumar S: Writer
Prerna Bhalla: Writer
Chrisma Rose Babu: Writer
Kandula Neha: Social Worker
Aditi Bera: Writer
Mohammad Ashar: Poet
Rakesh Kumar Sahu: Writer
Paromita Das: Writer
Jyoti Duggal: Author
Puja Debnath Sinha: Entrepreneur
Faisal Moin: Poet
Yogitha Subash: Author
Ankit Maniyar: Author
Sujish Kandampully: All Rounder
Trina Kanungo: Budding Achiever
Masidd Khalate: Author
Pratik Pathak: Writer
Dipshikha Mohanty: Writer
Shraddha Anandrao Kalukhe: Poet
Naaz Nayim: Writer
Disha Sangtani: Educationist
Unnati Gupta: Artist
Rashmi Tomar: Writer & Artist
Ansar Hussain: Writer
R. Susanna Celsia: Author
Priyakhi Barbara: Writer
Prachi Kunkalienkar: Author

Many more awards will be announced in the upcoming days focusing on the benefit of the deserving ones.
Stay tuned for all the upcoming events.

E-Mail Id –
Instagram handle- @therisingstarawards


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