The rising star of the YouTube world – Aditya Yadav

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YouTube is home to millions of creators regardless of any differences. Talent and creative side of someone is enough to start the journey. The strive for making videos to entertain people is the most important factor for constantly posting for your channel. Millions of people have either started their channel as a side hustle or for entertainment and as a hobby. The world of YouTube is vast and the number of people joining the platform is endless. Creating a YouTube career takes a lot of time unless you are talented and have the ability of valuable and creative content.

Among many rising stars in the YouTube world, Aditya Yadav, a 16 year old YouTuber is constantly gaining popularity for his entertaining videos. He currently has over 1 lakh followers on Instagram and 1.45k subscribers in his YouTube channel which he started before 5 years. But not every glitter is gold. He too has faced a lot of problems for choosing something different from the ideals of the mainstream society. He has always got support from his family but he had to face a lot of difficulties initially. Although many people in his school didn’t really care about him operating a YouTube channel, some teachers and students still trolled him heavily for posting videos on YouTube. The troll spread like fire to an extent where everyone started commenting on his passion for YouTube and didn’t want to be friends with him. Even his friends left him alone at a moment where he was totally alone. He was quite stressed with all of this and saw a mental tension hovering over him. Irritated, he removed all of his videos from his channel and took a break from everything. He started attending his classes in a very irregular manner which affected him in many other ways.

His dedication towards his passion helped him gain confidence in the unique qualities he has and he started being more conscious about his own interests. He decided to restart his channel and as he vowed to remain consistent, Aditya saw a good following in his social media platforms. He saw that people are interested to see his content. When he finally hit 1 lakh followers on Instagram, the perspective of everyone around him changed and now people would use his name to let people know they are connected to someone very famous.

His story definitely inspires us to believe in ourselves and keep the strong determination intact while we may witness many changes in attitude of different people around us. We should go further no matter what and be sure about our goals. Aditya has witnessed many ups and downs from a very young age and all of this has definitely helped him grow and keep the self-esteem intact regardless of the situation he is presently facing.


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