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The more you read the more you connect with people: Mohammed Sohail Ahmed

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Mohammed Sohail Ahmed is a licenced pharmacist who earned his bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science from Jyothishmathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Karimnagar, Telangana. He is also an author of nonfiction books and an Urdu linguistic poet whose work focuses on social and individual life.

Along with his studies, he learned writing skills and has published four books on Amazon and other publishing platforms such as Notion Press. He has begun to write on various topics and has been genuinely involved in the writing industry since 2015 with a vision to come up with something new. Mohammed Sohail Ahmed promoted philosophical concepts through his books.

Author Mohammed Sohail Ahmed is very passionate about writing, and he explains about the man’s will power and interpersonal skills, which a human being is already born with and how we need to identify our attributes as we have come to give something to this world in exchange for what we seek. Author Mohammed Sohail Ahmed also discusses about the importance of social life which are based on our behavior.

According to the author, our lives are filled with obstacles, opportunities, difficulties, and their outcomes, all of which teach us the value of going above and beyond. Our entire lives are surrounded by understandings; we are among the vast bridges that connect all men’s understandings; our entire lives teach us something till we die, and we are the only one who need to take something from this cosmos.

Although Mohammed Sohail Ahmed is a druggist/chemist by profession, he is best known as an author, nonfiction and philosophy writer, and as one of India’s aspiring young authors. He is a nonfiction writer who has written four books to date, one of which, “The Art of Likability,” is a best seller on Amazon, and has also contributed to other books. His work has been featured in a number of magazines, and he has also been interviewed on local television.

During this Epidemic, many writers, such as Mohammed Sohail Ahmed, transformed themselves into Aspiring Authors and Contributors. While the first phase of the epidemic resulted in a great loss for people, the second phase resulted in a great opportunity for people to learn, read, and write, as well as develop their skills.

This is so true, and I believe it when someone says, “The more you read, the more you connect with people,” “A person is always born with unique abilities, and he must figure out the identity with which he exists,” and “The purpose of life is already known to everyone living the life,” and “Every person is always born with unique abilities, which a man has to fulfill it.

I agree with everything that Author Mohammed Sohail Ahmed has stated, and I am hoping that our country’s emerging entrepreneurs, authors, writers, and philosophers have a strong drive to define what they do and may bring about change that will hopefully flourish. This is the new era of digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and small company owners engaging with customers and conducting business.


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