The Model’s Guide To Being Creative From Hritik Saini

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Only the most creative of minds are capable of comprehending the amount of hard work that they have to put themselves through when they establish themselves in the Theatre as an actor. Acting and modelling go hand in hand because people usually first begin with either one of those things come up if someone is trying to become an actor they might as well try to become a model by maintaining a good physique and proper diet to not only keep themselves healthy but also beautiful inside out. Hence, once they have developed this, they can soon start acting in smaller roles and then slowly climbed their way up in the ladder to become pretty popular, back in the days this was established as a common norm for actors to follow. However, in the present days, people have been applying different methods an becoming innovative into while they pursue their careers as an actor or model.

Today we talk about one such inspirational actor and model who has been in the field for quite some time now. Hritik Saini began his career from the Theatre itself, the breeding ground for talented actors. He also adopted the classic method, applying for modelling and then after grabbing a perfect role there, slowly climbing his way up to the Theatre. The theatres did him justice in Delhi and soon he started to make his own special place in not just the Theatre but also in the hearts of people who looked up to him as an actor.

“I think the reason why I am capable of acting in such a realistic manner is because I take every role that I play very seriously come I try to imagine myself actually in their shoes and bring out realistic emotions from the depth of my heart rather than just faking my emotions. To portray a specific kind of emotion on your face while acting has to be entirely realistic, and since scenes change very quickly, you also have to adapt to the dynamic changes in the acting industry otherwise you won’t be able to last today. This is what I have learned from years of being a Theatre actor” says Hritik Saini.

Hritik Saini comes from a very small sub district of BulandShahr, Sikandrabad. Living and growing up in a big family consisting of his parents and siblings, his father gave them the best life possible relying on their family owned shop. No matter how hard situations got, he continued to work hard towards his goals. Even after facing a lot of financial troubles, he continued to remain determined, otherwise he would have gone to Mumbai itself but he had to take a detour from Delhi because of the lack of money to start his modelling and acting career. Luck plays with people in different ways, even after reaching Mumbai he could stay there only a month because the pandemic came down hard pretty soon. Now he only looks forward to the virus situation ending soon so that he could go to Kerala first and then Mumbai to give his acting career the best shot. With success in his mind and Vidyut Jamanwal in his heart, he will achieve it all.


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