The Coolest Summer Camp 2022

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What is your child doing this summer? Need a chance of exploration and delight for your child, keeping him safe from the scorching heat at the same time? Seeking adventure for your child but from the comfort of your own homes? Schools will be shut and summer camps will just be the perfect destination of your child to make it into an unforgettable season! Enjoying with a team and making good friends is also a great perk of these camps.

Summer Camps are a great way to choose adventure and build great memories for your child. Do you want your child to learn a little bit of cooking? Does your child enjoy grooving or dancing their hearts out? The Class Of One is there for you! The Class Of One is an online schooling platform that is organising a The Coolest Online Summer Camp of the season. A pleathora of activities and fun filled tasks to make it an eventful one. The best part is that your child can do all this from the luxury and comfort of their homes as it is an online summer camp.

Giving your children the laughter therapy everyone needs through standup comedy, conducting magic shows to sprinkle a little magic in their imaginations and many more refreshing activities are included in this coolest summer camp. The dates are starting from 16th May and ending on 4th June. Too many things to do including python coding, dance, standup comedy, magic show, art and design, 3D Design, art and design, MIT App development, culinery, storytelling, soap making, microwave cooking and fitness. A golden opportunity to enroll your child into this online Summer Camp organized by The Class Of One, the timings being 11 am – 1pm.


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