The Art of Becoming a Fitness Guru with Dor Eckstein

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From Dor Eckstein’s life events, we can tell that he grew an enthusiasm for fitness while still young. He followed the path his family members had laid out for him for 15 years until he discovered that his approach was different. He wanted to look good and feel confident in himself. 

He yearned for fitness, and that prompted him to sign up in a gym. After working with his fitness instructor for a couple of months, the changes were visible. He knew there and then that this was his path and that being a fitness instructor is what he wanted. 

His trainer was a significant part of his support system. He saw that Dor Eckstein was fascinated about working out, and he made it his mission to teach him everything he needed to know. His trainer wanted to show him the beautiful things you can achieve by exercising frequently.

Because of his trainer’s commitment, Dor Eckstein tries to do the same for his client. His fitness journey has made him a celebrity with many clients. Below are the art and science of being a fitness instructor with Eckstein. 

  1. The Four-Tier Process

Dor Eckstein believes in a four-tier process when interacting with his clients. The first two include the contact process and the introduction process. In the contact process, Eckstein meets with the client to understand their goals and desires.

The contact and the introduction phase can be understood synonymously because it is during contact that the client. In the examination phase, Eckstein gathers information about the client’s previous workout routines and their foods. At this stage, the client can also point out their essential lifestyle habits, among other things. 

The final stage is the execution stage. This stage comes last because it requires the fitness instructor to be familiar with the client’s routines and lifestyle, acquired from stages one to three. With that information, Dor Eckstein creates a workout plan, a diet plan, and a convenient training program that is regular and one which can achieve undeniable results for the client. 

  1. Fitness Overrides Bodybuilding

Dor Eckstein is a fitness instructor from Israel, but his clientele is based not only in Israel but also in other parts of the world. It is incredible the number of people he has inspired. His overall fitness philosophy is what has enabled him to attract the masses. 

Eckstein emphasizes fitness as opposed to bodybuilding. The point is not to look like models or bodybuilders in magazines, but to keep fit and healthy. Wellness involves looking good and feeling good.

His philosophy is what has helped his client base to grow. As such, people don’t feel the pressure of wanting to look a certain way. Their ultimate goal is to remain healthy and fit, and this is achievable through hard work and commitment.  

Dor Eckstein emphasizes healthy foods and exercise regimens regularly. Note that he does not say every day because it is not necessary. A few days of the week is enough to get you healthy and fit. 


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