Supershiba-recreating chance for the one who missed shiba inu at early stage

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 is a meme token developed for those who missed buying Shiba Inu at its early stage. Therefore, we are recreating a similar chance for the buyers who regret in missing Shiba Inu in its initial stage.

Our vision is to ensure Supershiba society to gain higher and higher, making sure that their life is settled well  with financial freedom.

Those who bought Shiba INU tokens at the initial time of launch are millionaires now.

We intend to develop Supershiba society with the gains, we look forward to providing charity and helping stranded dogs too. Finally, the society gets benefited in numerous ways by Supershiba.

The mission of Supershiba is to grow into the most decentralized and charity based super version of all meme tokens. Supershiba is the cutting-edge brand new token from the Shiba Inu and Doge army. It will take over the supreme and be the crown of all meme tokens in the top trends so far in the crypto space, metaverse, NFTs & further.

Supershiba is developed to capture the hearts of the crypto community and rise to the moon and back.

The project is designed aiming for the gains of Supershiba holders (community).

 A huge hype in the crypto world of burning 5 Trillion Supershiba tokens daily till 100 days can be assured.

Supershiba can also assure to bring in its own swap, from which it can be swapped in its own platform. Supershiba will bring the NFT collection, so the Holders can gain from NFT too. We plan to bring in supershiba games, which helps to play and earn supershiba from it.

We ought to bring life to a new character to the world namely Supershiba, and also create animation series with it. Our plan is to collaborate with Disney in an animation series.


The aim of Supershiba is to create the hottest launch on BSC and bring on hype, mass adaptation and trust. In a community, trust is earned through the honest approach and consistent performance throughout the time.


Supershiba care is an initiative set to rescue the Shib brother, helping these dogs in real life!

SuperShiba care aims to help in collecting and donating a percentage of our tokens to the Shiba Inu Rescue Association. Joining us is absolutely free and easy!

Our developers are putting their efforts and working hard on placing orders and SuperShiba Care Association (preferred non-profit organization). You are just a few seconds away from helping Shib-brothers in need.


Our holders & the Shib-brothers

Our model rewards our holders and saves some amount

For charity on every transaction. The transaction fee of 10% will be used for the following

3% Supershiba care wallet

3% Burning

2% Redistributed to existing holders

2% marketing and community boosting


The biggest crypto burn of 500 trillion is taking place in the super event.

The biggest crypto Burn of 500 Trillion is taking place in the Super event. 50% of supply is burned forever which is the great way to increase the upward pressure on the price and market capitalization of Supershiba.

500 Trillion in 100 days

5 trillion daily burning for 100 days

Shibainu love 

As the love towards the shiba inu community we are giving 3 percent of the supershiba revenue yearly to shibainu community address (0xc351155C80aCD043BD5F8FE7ffc8536af1fF9375)


BSc token

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