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Subu Praveen: Inspirational Journey of a Digital Marketer

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Digital space is such a boon for increasing your businesses in today’s times. But not everyone knows how to reap benefits from it. You have got it all covered with Subu Praveen’s YouTube channel where he teaches how to expand businesses through digital marketing and will give you insights into the digital space.

Subu Praveen is a digital marketer based in Tamil Nadu, India. He trains small business owners and young entrepreneurs in digital marketing online courses in TamilNadu. He is a Facebook Advertisement Expert, Youtube Marketing Expert, Instagram Marketing Expert and runs various digital marketing agencies.

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After his schooling, he was inspired by his brother who runs a computer centre and wanted to do something in this field but seeing that there was no scope at that time. So he joined mechanical engineering as per his parents’ wish and learnt computers as a hobby. Even after completing his engineering degree in mechanical engineering. He was not interested in working as a mechanical engineer. So he started looking for jobs in the computer field (IT), but his resume was rejected more than 100 times.

Later, he opted to work in sales and marketing, where he spent five years as a territory sales manager. With this newfound expertise, he began selling computers in his hometown. To raise his sales by double, he chose to grow his business via internet marketing. A small company owner himself, he decided to start his own digital marketing agency. Having absolutely no experience in online marketing, he ended up investing over $5,000USD of his hard-earned money on tons of training courses, events, training, paid advertising, and marketing and different company models. But there were no results.

A mentor taught him that he was doing it incorrectly. Even though he wasn’t an exceptional person, he was intelligent enough to pay attention to what his mentor was saying and also put it into practise. He influenced the way Subu did business in a profound way. Since then, Subu has been able to achieve success by following a precise set of instructions. As a consequence, he has had nothing except positive outcomes and confidence.

Subu’s reward was the ability to teach others how they can make real modifications in their lives and also organizations, which was extremely rewarding. A few times he has turned failures into successes. He has trained more than 2000 Small Business owners. At present there are more than 3000 Students in his community. More than 2 crore bulk SMS, bulk voice calls have been done for the election Campaign. He sold more than 5,000 digital visiting cards.

 The cancer diagnosis (IV stage) he received in 2019 prevented him from continuing this training. For two years, he has been training company owners on how to market their own businesses online through the Subu Praveen YouTube Channel, which he has been running for the last two years. He is still undergoing therapy, and he is not ready to give up on his ambitions just yet. Through digital marketing, he promises to provide the greatest instruction for his students.

Subu Praveen is truly an inspiration for all of us. His attitude to not give up and work hard is inspirational. His channel will help all those who are to learn how to do digital marketing and help them grow their businesses.

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