Stepping Forward to Create a Better Tomorrow – Yatender Rao and His Vision

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Yatender Rao, a Haryana native, is the district vice president and has previously served as the state Vice President and head of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha’s Study Circle Committee. Yatender hails from the Mahendragarh district located in Haryana.

Yatender has been a dedicated student since he was a child, always eager about learning. He went on to Amity University to study B.Tech before going on to get his Master’s in Business Administration and is currently pursuing his PhD (Doctorate in Law).

He was inspired by his family from an early age, beginning with his grandparents. Shri G.R Yadav, his grandfather, was a member of the Indian Army who later worked as a Pradhan for the welfare of his village. His father, Shri RK Yadav, is an advocate, and his mother, Dr. (Smt.) Krishna Yadav is a former associate professor in Haryana’s higher education department.

He was influenced to become a committed individual who aspired to work for the betterment of his society by growing up among people who were dedicated to fighting social evils and serving the community. Yatender began participating in social activities in his local community in South Haryana to positively impact the underprivileged. He hasn’t stopped since then.

Yatender developed a strong interest in social activism as a university student in 2003. He collaborated with several organizations that aimed to help those in need. After years of devoting his time to social work and studies, Yatender decided to join the BJP to use his political platform to help the underprivileged in the present and future.

Social issues that India as a country is dealing with

Despite India’s enormous progress in several economic and social arenas since independence, the society and lives of its residents continue to be plagued by plenty of issues.

Even today, India has several problems, including poverty, overpopulation, pollution, illiteracy, corruption, inequality, gender discrimination, growing unemployment, violence against women, the caste system, child labour, and religious disputes, to name a few. These problems are common and often intertwined, and they haven’t gone away totally.

Improvement occurs when one attempts to achieve it. Yatender envisions equal access to basic resources, education, adequate and affordable health care, and awareness of one’s rights as an Indian citizen. With his efforts, he hopes to put an end to the present social issues. Yatender is an ardent supporter of education, believing that today’s young can contribute to the country’s advancement.

Yatender is adamant about working for the betterment of his country, beginning with his state. This would be his gift to the nation’s service. Yatender has taken several steps to help those in society who need necessities.

Yatender established the Jaihind Jansewa Foundation NGO intending to provide healthcare, education, and job opportunities to the people of South Haryana.

The non-profit organization is working on a variety of social reforms, primarily in the areas of public health, women’s empowerment, education, environmental conservation, and social upliftment.

Our country has a lot of problems spread out over a large area, but we must all take a step forward and contribute in some way to the betterment of society, even if it is tiny.

Taking small moves, whether in one’s neighbourhood, city or state, can lead to a tremendous leap forward.

Backing leaders like Yatender Rao who are dedicated to working for their state and country can help bring about multiple essential improvements, and supporting those leaders as engaged citizens can also be counted as a contribution to aiding the nation.


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