Special award to Ashik Nihon for one of the books ”Oaashik (2022)”

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At this year’s, author Ashik Nihon has received a special award from the publishing house Primarch Inc. for his book “Oaashik“. Shahriar Islam Alvi, the head of the publishing house, presented the crest to him.

2022, his first book “Oaashik” got published. The book will be available in various online bookstores in a few days

This novel gained huge appreciation from the readers and currently, its third edition is being published.

On 30 May 2022, his second book “Ashik Heart” got published. The book is written about the memorable events of his life. The book will be available in various online bookstores in a few days

His childhood adolescence, family, deprivation, the struggle for survival, education, hard work-success, social activities, etc. have come up in the book. The book has been widely acclaimed by readers of all ages.

The publisher company Primarch Inc. declared the book as the best book. Ashik Nihon was given a special award by the publisher for the success of the book.

Author Ashik Nihon is happy to receive the award. Expressing gratitude to the publishers and readers.

Ashik Nihon

Ashik Nihon said, “I never thought this book would be so popular at the time of writing or after its publication. This is my first book. As a novice writer, the interest and love of the readers is absolute for me. I want to write more life-affirming writings in the future.”

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