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Sometimes You Need Bad Things To Happen To Inspire You : Priyanshi Rastogi

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Priyanshi Rastogi Also known as that feminine girl a Professional YouTuber

Priyanshi Rastogi started her Youtube journey one year ago when she was in the 1st year of her college life by the name of that feminine girl , Priyanshi is known for her realistic approach in life and sharing her personal life with her viewers and followers on her social media platforms.

Priyanshi Rastogi Youtuber and Influencer

In this one year journey she is still working hard on her YouTube Channel . She is going to hit her first target of 500 subscribers super soon .
She make videos on travelling vlogs , makeup , lifestyle, fashion etc.

However, life has not been a cake walk for Priyanshi . Her parents never supported her for her YouTube career but still she works hard even on days when one won’t feel like out of bed let alone working . She manages to smile in front of the camera making her audience happy even she really isn’t .

Priyanshi has dealt with not only one but many problems in her life ; financial issue bcuz her parents never supported her , weight issue , society issue , family issue and what not . In spite all she is still fighting with everything alone and working hard and hopefully she is going to be a star in her youtube career soon.

YouTube Channel Link :

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